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Life-Size Athlete + 7 Decals (46"W x 78"H)
Life-Size Athlete + 2 Decals (46"W x 78"H)
Giant Athlete + 2 Decals (31"W x 51"H)
X-Large Athlete + 2 Decals (23"W x 38"H)
Large Athlete + 2 Decals (10"W x 16.5"H)

Michael Jordan: 1992 Dream Team - Officially Licensed NBA Removable Wall Decal

SKU: 1094-00013




Memorialize Michael Jordan's participation in the gold-medal-winning, 1992 Olympic Dream Team with this dynamic removable wall decal of His Airness. The Dream Team, which tapped other basketball greats including Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Charles Barkley, has since been described as one of the greatest sports teams ever put together. Fans can remember the glory days of the Dream Team's days of competition in Barcelona with this high-quality decal in a living room, office, or den.




This product comes in the following sizes:

Life-Size - 46.0"W x 78.0"H
Giant - 31.0"W x 51.0"H
X-Large - 23.0"W x 38.0"H
Large - 10.0"W x 16.5"H

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Installing Your Fathead Wall Graphic

  1. UNROLL your Fathead, and let relax flat on the floor for an hour.
  2. PREP your wall while your Fathead relaxes. Choose a wall according to the dimensions of your decal, and wipe down the wall surface with water to remove dust and dirt.
  3. PEEL with the help of a friend from the top down. Slowly peel away from backing without letting the Fathead stick to itself.
  4. STICK one corner of your Fathead to the wall with minimal pressure and apply outwards from there. If you make a mistake, you can unpeel and try again.
  5. SMOOTH out air bubbles and wrinkles. Start from the middle, and push out toward edges.
  6. ENJOY your awesome Fathead decal!

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