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Army Black Knights: Logo - Officially Licensed Garage Door Banner

Army Black Knights: Logo - Officially Licensed Garage Door Banner

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Ready to hang UV-resistant vinyl banner
Designed to work on standard roll up doors and flat door
Easy-to-Install, with two people should take just 10 minutes
Won't leave permanent marks on garage door
Once installed, garage door will open and close normally

SINGLE KIT - 1 banner, 4 bracket sets
DOUBLE KIT - 1 banner, 6 bracket sets
SPLIT KIT - 2 banners, 8 bracket sets
Made in the USA

96"W x 84"H


Install Instructions

Step 1
Unroll Graphic (5) and locate pre-drilled holes along top of the Graphic (5).
Place the Graphic (5) over Top Clamp (1) and feed two Screws (4) through Top
Clamp Connector (2) and hole on Graphic (5) then into nut on the back of the
Top Clamp (1). Repeat for remaining Top Clamps.

Step 2
Raise garage 6” to 12” to allow for easier access to clamps.

WARNING: Disconnect power and block door to prevent accidental closing. Placing of Graphic and hardware requires a minimum of 2 people

Place Top Clamps (1), evenly spaced, across the top of the door.

Step 3
Attach the Bottom Tension Clamps (3) evenly spaced along the bottom of the door.

Step 4

Feed hook on Bottom Tension Clamp (3) through the hole on banner.

Step 5

Reconnect power and remove blocking. Enjoy!

When storing, keep in a cool dry location. Clean with a damp cloth.

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