10 Basement Decorating Ideas That Will Elevate Your Space

10 Basement Decorating Ideas That Will Elevate Your Space

10 Basement Decorating Ideas That Will Elevate Your Space

Your basement can be a lot of things. It might be the spooky place full of cobwebs that you get out of as quickly as possible when you’re done. It might be a boring place for storing stuff that you don’t think about much. It might not be a place at all — sorry, Californians, this article probably isn’t for you

But a basement can also be a fantastic place for creative projects, enjoying your favorite music or movies, working from home, watching the game, hanging with friends and family and just generally living your life at its most awesome. If you’re looking for that kind of basement, we’ve got some cool basement decorating ideas that can help turn it into a comfortable place to enjoy the good stuff.

These are 10 different basement decorating ideas for punching up your basement into a spot that you’ll be proud to call your own. 

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1. Let There Be Light

Most basements don’t have much natural light (if any at all). So if you’re going to make your basement into a living space, light is one of the first things you should consider for making it more pleasant and livable. 

If you’re lucky enough to have some natural light in your basement, make sure to maximize it. See if you can position your furniture somewhere that makes it possible to enjoy the natural light. Think about where the light will fall during the day and try to minimize glare on electronic screens while maximizing the amount of light that it provides for the room. 

If you don’t have natural light in your basement, that’s OK too. You’ll just need some well-placed and well-chosen lamps. Recessed lighting is an awesome choice for basements because it helps your ceilings appear higher and more spacious, while some nice table and floor lamps in warm tones can create an ideal cozy atmosphere.  

2. Wide Open Spaces

When it comes to establishing a comfortable vibe in your basement, one general rule is that fewer walls are better. More walls mean smaller rooms, which can contribute to a claustrophobic atmosphere. Of course, you may very well want separate spaces within the basement, but there are better ways to do that than with walls. 

try applying different types of wall art

There are all kinds of things you can do to separate your basement into discrete areas without using walls. Try installing different types of flooring material, painting walls a different color or applying different types of wall art. Area rugs are a great choice for establishing discrete spaces within a single large one. 

Furniture can be another great decorative element that helps create separate spaces inside your basement. Many basements have bar furniture in one area, home theater furniture in another and game room furniture like pool and foosball tables in another. For extra privacy, try using something that has some of the essential qualities of a wall without being one, such as a wooden divider screen or some curtains. 

boston patriots

3. Stay Neutral

Neutral colors, particularly lighter ones, are popular for walls and furniture in basements. They help give the room a larger, airier feel and prevent it from feeling claustrophobic. Dark colors can reinforce the already dark nature of a basement, while large amounts of bright colors can feel strange and overwhelming without natural light. 

Thus, your best bet is usually to pick some warm, bright neutral colors like beige, brown, gray, tan and cream for your basement walls and furniture. Choose a variety of warm neutrals within the same spectrum to create some variety and contrast. Any professional at a home decor or furniture store can help you craft a palette of matching neutral tones for your basement that will give you the perfect foundation for any kind of basement decorating ideas that you want to add on top. 

4. Get Creative

The flip side of the previous tip is that those neutral walls offer a great opportunity to do something expressive and personal. Decorating your basement is the perfect opportunity to express what makes your life awesome and try out decorations that might not fit in other places in your house. 

Color is one area in which you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. Bright accent colors often look really neat over a neutral palette. Choose a handful of accent colors that go well together and sprinkle them generously throughout the room. If you don’t know where to start, try buying decorative pieces in matched sets.

get creative

As for wall art, the basement can be the perfect place to go a little crazy. Want to hang up those lighted signs that you’ve always thought would look super cool? How about a collection of your favorite Marvel character decals? For many people, the sky (or, rather, the ceiling) is the limit when it comes to decorating the basement, so indulge your creative impulses and craft your own awesome look for your basement! 

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5. Make Storage Look Cool

Lots of people use their basements for extra storage, so you’ll probably be glad to know that it’s totally possible to turn your basement into a usable living space without sacrificing all of your storage capacity. It just takes a little bit of creativity and willingness to experiment. 

Built-in storage is one way that many people make their basement storage a little bit cooler (and often more useful, too). These clever storage schemes add built-in cabinets and shelving to walls, alcoves and even staircases. Built-ins make fantastic room accents and really help to bring any basement decorating idea alive. 

Furniture with built-in storage is also a great idea. An ottoman with a storage compartment is an ideal spot for a collection of board games or pillows and blankets, while a storage-packed entertainment center can frame a TV well and give you tons of space for books, knickknacks or whatever you want. 

6. Use Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper in your basement is an awesome way to quickly add some liveliness and color to your decor scheme. Maybe you want to deck it out with your favorite sports team’s colors, or maybe you want to throw it up on one wall to create a striking accent wall. Whatever basement decorating ideas you have in mind, wallpaper can give you some outstanding options. 

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Fathead’s peel and stick wallpaper is perfect for your basement because it’s easy to use and won’t damage your paint or drywall. We offer all kinds of popular patterns, including several with soft neutral colors or patterns like brick and stone that are great for a basement. And, of course, if you’re looking for great man cave decor ideas for your subterranean fan zone, there’s nothing to turn up the hype like our sports wallpaper emblazoned with HD images of your favorite team logos. 

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7. Create a Gathering Space

Some of the best basement decorating ideas are places that are made for getting together with family and friends. A basement bar is a classic for quiet cocktails or a banger of a New Year’s Eve party, while other people use their basement to create the ultimate fan space for enjoying their favorite shows, movies or sports events. 

Whatever you’re going for with your gathering space, the key is to set a fun and comfortable vibe. Cushy seating is a great place to start. There’s nothing that says “come on in” like a soft armchair or the perfect barstools. Add some fun decor that matches your style like metal signs or a vinyl sports decal for your favorite team. 

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Make sure to consider the physical dynamics of socializing and activities when designing your gathering spaces. Don’t place seating too far apart, but leave room for moving around comfortably. If you’re adding elements like a pool table or bar, design the rest of the space to make those things accessible without having to squeeze. 

8. Make Your Walls Pop

Since most basements have no or very few windows, your walls will be playing a big role in setting the vibe. And with many basements being fairly large rooms with lots of plain walls, it can seem like an intimidating task to fill up such a large space. Fortunately, there are lots of interesting things you can do with all of that wall space. 

Hanging wall art is a classic, and it can give your basement the distinguished vibe that you’re looking for. But wall art can also be pretty expensive (to say nothing of the frames that go with it), so don’t think you need to go overboard. A few tasteful pieces can go a long way if you position them right. 

light sabers on wall

If you don’t want to damage your walls by mounting things, or you just want something quick and easy, Fathead’s removable wall decals are exactly what you’re looking for. Sports fans love our life-sized vinyl sports decals of the world’s best athletes, while others love to nerd out with Star Wars decals, Marvel decals or Disney decals

It’s also a good idea to focus on specific walls in your basement that play a bigger role in setting the tone of the room. The TV wall is one such wall, especially since many people save their beefiest A/V equipment for the basement, so put a little thought into how to decorate your TV wall. Adding an accent wall can be another great choice because of the attractive contrast it provides and the canvas that it gives you to display the best wall decor you have. 

9. Add Texture and Patterns

Color is great, but texture and patterns can be just what you need to make a basement space come alive. These amazingly versatile decorative tools come in all kinds of varieties and can set just about any tone that you’re looking for.

Texture and patterns are awesome because they can pop up in all kinds of places. From throw pillows to wall hangings to peel and stick wallpaper, there are many amazing things you can add to your basement to fill it with patterns and textures that will create visual interest and a lived-in feel. 

petosky wallpaper

Another great thing about textures and patterns is just how many varieties they’re available in. Knits, wood grain, colorful art patterns, natural stone — there’s so much out there to play with! A good way to start is by varying the materials in your basement’s decor scheme, such as a bar with a finished wood grain surface or an antique metal end table. Adding these little touches of texture throughout your basement can add up to a finished-looking room more quickly than you might imagine. 

10. Make It Personal

A basement furnished with a nice matching living room set can look elegant, but it can also have a slightly sterile appearance. So, if you’re in search of a basement decorating idea that doesn’t look like anyone else’s, think about how you can decorate in the most personal and customized style possible. 

One way to give your basement the personal touch is by reaching out to your family and friends who are makers and creators. You probably know someone who does painting, photography, pottery, sculpture or another visual art. Why not reach out and check out what they have to offer? You’ll definitely feel cool when you can tell a guest you know the artist who did the piece they’re admiring. 

make it personal

Another awesome strategy for giving your basement living area the personal touch? Custom wall art from Fathead. We offer custom vinyl decals, custom vinyl murals and more. It’s a great way to add treasured photos, or even your own art, to your basement in an easy and wall-safe format. 

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Your basement can be so much more than an extra room or a place for storage. With the right basement decorating ideas, you can make it one of your favorite places in your home — whether it’s your fan cave, your home theater, your personal bar with a never-ending happy hour or all of the above. 

Fathead has everything you need to take your basement from bland to grand. Check out all of our awesome vinyl wall decals, or see our man cave decor ideas to give you some inspiration to create the fan zone of your dreams.


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