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5 Functional Wall Decor Ideas

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Decorating from the heart is all well and good. But sometimes, you’ve gotta work from the head a little bit as well. Adding functional wall decor to your space can help you keep your life organized while making your space a more pleasant place to exist. 

These five functional wall decor ideas will help you craft a more orderly and harmonious space without sacrificing fun and self-expression. Come with us to the land of functional wall decor, where stylish and practical are old friends that always work hand in hand. 

1. Practical Lighting

It doesn’t get much more functional than light. After all, you need it to do pretty much anything. That’s why adding attractive wall lighting to your space can hit just the right intersection of the aesthetic and the practical. 

Wall sconces are an awesome way to add character to your space while also providing a simple and useful light source. But if you’re not averse to something a little more complex, recessed lighting can be an even more versatile and customizable solution. And don’t forget the secret weapon of making lighting both more attractive and more functional: choosing a lighting color that sets the right mood for the room while providing plenty of illumination to work by.

2. Dry Erase Whiteboards


Adding a whiteboard to your wall can create an ideal canvas for organizing your ideas and working out your schedules. But when the work is done, they’re equally as good for goofy doodles, writing a funny poem for your housemate or a cute note for your significant other. That kind of work-play versatility is exactly what many people want from their functional wall decor. 

Fathead’s dry erase whiteboard wall stickers are extremely simple to mount, and once they’re on, they function much as any normal whiteboard would. But they’re wall-safe and won’t take paint and drywall paper with them when removed! If you need something a little more structured, consider our dry erase calendar wall decals to help get your schedule in shape. 

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3. Tool Hangers

Areas like a kitchen, garage or workshop will often have lots of tools lying around that you don’t want getting lost or damaged. Why not add a tool organization solution to your walls to make your workspace a more productive and safer place. 

Tool organizers come in many different sizes, so look at some of the many options available and find one that suits your home’s style. The classic garage pegboard is cheap and effective, but it’s not the most stylish, so look at options such as upcycled chain link and chicken wire if you want something a little more hip. Many magnetic tool strips, meanwhile, have a simple and low-profile design that makes them easy to combine with other decorative materials such as wood. 

4. Mudroom Organizer

Between hats, jackets, keys and everything else, it’s easy for a mudroom to become chaotic. Adding a wall-mounted organizer to your mudroom can be a big help for keeping track of all the little essentials that find their way there – because who wants to be searching for their keys on the way out the door in the morning? 

Mudroom organizers come in all shapes and sizes, but most have standard elements, including shoe cubbies, hanger hooks and a bench to sit on while putting on and removing shoes.  Reclaimed wood is an appealing choice for its rustic look and mudroom organizers with decorative signs and messages are also popular. 

5. Peel and Stick Wallpaper


Wallpaper can add an incredible amount of texture and character to a room, but what functional decorator has time to mix and apply wallpaper paste? Thankfully, with Fathead’s peel and stick wallpaper, you don’t have to. Our easy peel and stick wallpaper goes on in just a few minutes and offers a look that’s so elegant that you won’t believe how simple it was to apply. 

Some of our most popular peel and stick wallpaper designs include sports team logos, elegant patterns like brick and stone and fun cartoon patterns for nurseries and kids’ rooms. Whichever pattern you choose, you can rest easy knowing that it won’t damage your walls if you decide to remove it. 

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Fathead offers our customers all kinds of smarter ways to decorate. Home office pros should check out our design tips for setting up a home office, while home fitness enthusiasts will like our garage home gym ideas. And, of course, to see all of our functional wall decor options, shop our dry erase wall sticker collection and discover a new level of practical beauty. 

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