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How to Decorate a Kid's Room

Every kid deserves a joyful, imaginative and contented childhood that sets them on the right path for growing up. As a parent, you probably put a lot of thought into how to give your kids that experience. So let’s take some time today to talk about how to decorate a kid’s room for a magical childhood. 

A child’s room is a space where they learn, grow, play and interact with friends and family. Design a kid’s room in a way that fosters magic and fun, and it’s more than likely you’ll find those things sprouting organically! Read on for five simple but effective ideas for how to decorate a kid’s room in a way that will shine with joy and originality. 

child plays superhero

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1. Think simple and fun. 

When in doubt about how to decorate a kid’s room, keep it simple. You don’t need to create an elaborate design masterpiece. Kids need a place where they feel comfortable to play, explore and have fun. And you need a place that’s relatively easy to keep clean and doesn’t require constant maintenance and labor. 

Kids peel and stick wallpaper is a perfect example of a decoration that makes decorating a kid’s room easy and fun. This easy-to-use wallpaper from Fathead can go up in just a few minutes, and it’s designed to be removed just as easily. Plus, with a huge range of peel and stick wallpaper designs available, there’s something for just about every kind of taste — from cheeky animal characters to cute heart patterns perfect for a nursery. 

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2. Use decorations that are easy to remove or repurpose. 

Kids grow up fast, and part of that growth is rapidly changing interests and sensibilities. So it’s a smart idea to use decorations for your kids’ rooms that lend themselves to flexibility and repurposing. The more easily you can convert that room from (for example) PAW Patrol decor to sports team decor, the less work it’ll be when kids’ interests inevitably change. 

Fathead is the undisputed leader of wall-safe decorations. Our high-quality vinyl wall decals are designed to leave your wall clean and undamaged, and they’re reusable to boot! When your kid ready to remove some older wall decals or outgrows their wall growth chart, Fathead’s removable decorations will make sure your wall isn’t left with a permanent scar. 

3. Create versatile storage (and lots of it). 

A kid’s room will usually have lots of stuff that needs to be stored, whether it’s toys, games, books or stuffed animals. That means parents need to think ahead and design their kids’ rooms to include storage spaces that will make it manageable to keep all of their stuff wrangled into one place. 

Again, prioritize versatility. Simple cubicle shelves can be repurposed into lots of different things with a little bit of creative decorating and painting. Plastic storage bins are easy to slide into a closet rack or under a bed, and they can be used to store almost anything. In general, it’s tough to go wrong with versatile and reusable decoration and storage solutions. 

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4. Build in creative spaces. 

Kids need an awesome place that they can revel in their creativity and explore self-expression. Give them a place to create, and they’ll often wow you with their passion and talent for arts and storytelling. 

Making a few small improvements is often all you need. A whiteboard wall sticker and dry erase markers are the perfect way to give kids an infinitely refreshable canvas for artistic experimentation. Or, for a budding musician who needs a practice space, use some inexpensive acoustic treatments to improve soundproofing. 

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5. Listen to kids’ input. 

It can be a hugely empowering experience for a kid to have input on designing their own space. Older kids, in particular, will usually love the ability to shape how their room looks and feels. Sit down with your kids and talk about some ideas for how to create a space they love. 

Of course, this process will be a dialogue. Not everything your kids want will be a feasible suggestion, so figure out how to take the things they want and give them something they’ll like. A giant mural painted on the wall might not fly, but what about a wall-safe custom mural decal? Maybe some awesome die-cut Hot Wheels decals or Barbie wall decals? Get creative! 

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When you’re feeling the inspiration, Fathead has the stuff you need to turn it into a whole vibe! 

We’re dedicated to making sure that everyone, from kids to teens to grandmas and grandpas, has what they need to make a space that expresses what matters most. 

Whether you’re looking for amazing lighted signs or kids peel and stick wallpaper that sets the perfect scene, it’s all at Fathead. Browse our full kids’ collection to see more awesome choices for how to decorate a kid’s room. 

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