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EmpowHER: 6 Motivating Little Girl Room Decor Ideas

How do you help your daughter (or niece, or granddaughter) to grow up into an empowered woman? There are lots of important elements to this picture: looking at strong female role models in the news, helping connect her with women mentors, having age-appropriate real talk about big issues.  

little blonde girl sitting on a couch


But here’s one that’s important not to forget: making her room a fun, empowering and personalized space. In this article, we’ll look at six little girl room decor ideas that will empower any little girl to live her dreams. 

1. Ask her what she wants in her bedroom.

If you want a girl to grow up with a strong sense of agency, a great way to start is by giving her some power to choose how she wants her bedroom to look. By incorporating her interests and suggestions, you’ll help her realize that she can make her life whatever she wants it to be. 

Fathead can offer some awesome options here. Disney princess wall decals? Sure! WNBA decals? It’s a slam dunk. ? Go for it! The more she can make her room specific to her tastes, the more she’ll be able to feel secure in expressing her interests and taking control of her own life. 

2. Provide a study space. 

As your little girl grows up, she’ll need a place to focus on the academics that will fuel her future. Thus, it’s important to work with her to create a comfortable and functional space for studying and schoolwork. A sturdy desk is a great place to start, but adding tools like a wall whiteboard sticker and dry erase calendar wall decal can provide easy ways to organize her thoughts and assignments. 

Her study space will need updating as her classwork becomes more complex, so take the start of each school year as an opportunity to refresh her educational tools. By showing support for a young girl’s studies and making sure she’s properly equipped, parents can send the message to their girls that education is the key to the future. 

3. Customize the decor. 

One way to help send the message that your little girl can change the world? Customize the decorations in her room, and let her help! A room that’s decorated with her art, her photographs and mementos of her achievements is one where she’ll wake up every day feeling like she can do anything. 

Fathead offers great opportunities for custom decor. Want to turn one of her drawings into a custom wall mural? How about a custom cardboard head cutout of her? We love giving parents the tools to create amazing custom decor that their little girls love. 


4. Allow room to grow. 

Young girls, like kids of any gender, are always growing and changing. So, it’s really important to create a room that has room to grow with the girl who lives in it. Choose high-quality furniture that’s sturdy enough to last, but versatile enough to be reconfigured, and then make it fun through the choice of bedspread, paint and other decorative touches. 

Removable wall decals from Fathead are another awesome touch for a growing kid’s room. If those Barbie wall decals aren’t doing it for her anymore, they’re easy to remove with no damage to your wall. (Plus, if you want to take “room to grow” literally, use a wall growth chart to track her journey!) 

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5. Incorporate inspiring famous women. 

It’s important for young girls to have powerful female role models to look up to. That’s why many parents choose to add decorative elements from the lives of famous women. Whether it’s quotes, posters or even life-sized decals, having these important figures around can enrich a girl’s life and inspire her to greatness. 

Spend some time learning about famous women with your little girl and learn who strikes her interest the most. Scientists like Marie Curie? Athletes like Alex Morgan? Civil rights leaders like Rosa Parks? The people who inspire her to reach for the stars are the ones who you should focus on and encourage her interest in through decoration. 

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6. Create a private space. 

It’s important that a little girl has a private space to retreat to when she needs it. Adding something like a tent or princess canopy to a girl’s room can help give her privacy and seclusion when she wants to process her feelings, play pretend, read in peace or just chill out. It communicates to her that she deserves her own space and private time — crucial lessons that will help her prioritize self-care and introspection throughout her life.

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