College Sports Are Back — Here’s How to Show Off Your School Spirit!

College Sports Are Back — Here’s How to Show Off Your School Spirit!

College sports are back and better than ever! With all the hype building around your favorite college teams as they make their return after what feels like forever, you’re going to need new ways to let people know who you’re rooting for. We’ve got you covered with the best ideas on how to show off your school spirit, whether it be for your alma mater or your kids’ college.

  • Logo Wall Decals

  • One of the sleekest ways to flaunt your love for your college is by decorating with logos. You can opt for a classic wall decal with a simple circular logo or go for a design that features your college mascot. If you want to cover your whole house with college spirit, the logo assortment is the option for you.

  • Die-Cut Player Wall Murals

  • If you want something a little bigger, check out the die-cut murals of your favorite college athletes. They bring life to whichever room you put them up in, and they’re removable and reusable so you can move them when you want them in a new place!

  • Metal Street Signs

  • A fun choice for any room is a metal street sign that has dimension and texture. You can go for one that is simple and straightforward or one that pokes all-in-good-fun at other teams. Metal signs are unique and stand out in any room without being too big and taking up too much space.

  • Illuminated Wall Signs

  • Another great unique choice for any room is an illuminated college logo wall sign. They brighten up any room (both literally and figuratively), and make a great addition to a man cave or a bar area.  

  • Team Dry Erase Whiteboard Decals

  • Dry erase whiteboards that show off your school spirit are both functional and decorative—the best of both worlds. Take one with you to set up in your college dorm room or put one up in your kitchen at home; however you choose to use one, people will be certain of the college you support and you will stay organized with everything you write down!

    College teams and athletes work so hard to make their schools proud and they deserve our support. These are just a few ways to show them and each other that we stand behind them, but make sure to check out our website for everything else college-related. Happy back-to-school!

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