Fathead's Off-The-Wall 2022 NFL Playoff Predictions For The Divisional Round!

Fathead's Off-The-Wall 2022 NFL Playoff Predictions For The Divisional Round!

We'd like to mention how confusing it is to say 2022 when referencing NFL's 2021 season. Anyhow, let's get into it!!!

Before jumping into this year's predictions; Let's recap previous matchups!


1. Titans vs. Bengals on October 1, 2020, at Cinncinati. The Bengals pulled away with the win 31 to 20. If anyone is wondering why it's been such a long time since they played one another. 

---> Here's a quick explanation: NFL is spilt into four divisions, each division has 4 teams if you are not in the same division you play one another every other year. Bengals and Titians are in the same conference but not the same division. Outside of this year's playoffs, they'll see one another in the 22-23 season.

2. Bills vs. Chiefs on October 10, 2021, at Kansas City. The Bills with the win 38-20!


  1. Packers vs. 49ers on September 26, 2021, at San Francisco. Green Bay pulling away with 30-28 upset in SF!
  2. Buccs vs. Rams on September 26, 2021, in Los Angeles. Rams sealing the deal with a 34-24 win! 

Great games to be played this weekend! Our predictions are as follows: 

  1. Titans 
  2. Bills
  3. Green Bay
  4. Rams

Titans over Bengals! 

  • Titans have announced Derrick Henry is set to start this Sat 1/22. As we all know Tennessee rushing game is a known factor! Henry's return is very much anticipated. 
  • Bengals QB Joe Burrow and WR Ja'Marr Chase have been putting on a show this season! During last week's game vs. the Raiders, Cincinnati suffered three defensive line injuries. It's been announced Larry Ogunjobi will be out for the remainder of the playoffs.

Certainly going to be a game to watch! 

Bills take the W over Chiefs! 

  • The Bills are going into this game with great momentum and ranked #1 in the NFL for Defense! John Allen has yet to hit his peak. He's a great young quarterback.
  • Chiefs turned around their season tremendously! Starting off on a five-game losing streak capitalizing on an eight-game win streak. They've learned how to play with one another and have a ton of playoff experience!

WE cannot wait to watch this game! 

Green Bay > 49ers!

  • Green Bay went on a crazy win streak this year! With an overall 14-4 season. Tied with the Bucs having the best record in the NFL! We're all are aware of the "Aaron Rodgers" Story as he's on his way to his fourth MVP award.
  • The 49ers had a rocky season winning the wild card! They will potentially go in this match-up with a few injuries. Highly favored linebacker Fred Warner suffered an ankle injury vs Dallas last weekend. Which forced him to sit out the remainder of the game. Warner is set to play vs the Packers!

The Rams take the W vs Brady and The Buccaneers!

  • The Rams had a very up and down season! We know how much better Matthew Stafford's arm has gotten. Their offense is very enjoyable to watch! The Rams will have to play their BEST GAME TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!
  • Everyone knows and loves Tom Brady. Tampa had a great season but going into this match up with injuries. The Offensive line will have to protect Brady. The defense will have to hold Stafford. In order for Brady to get the Bucs through.
Please keep in mind these predictions are personal opinions. Not to be taken seriously! We'd like to congratulate all teams for making it this far! Good luck and we are watching! 


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