Sports-Themed Room Ideas: Tips, Decor and More


Sports fans know that the game you love can shape your life in a multitude of ways. Whether you’re watching your favorite team on TV or taking the field yourself, sports will often come to hold a place in your heart unlike anything else. So why wouldn’t it shape the place you live in as well? 

Fathead is the sports fans’ number one stop for officially licensed sports decals, sports wall art and more — so believe us when we say that we’ve seen it all when it comes to sports-themed room ideas. Gearing up for March Madness or another favorite sports event? We’ve got a few fan-tastic sports room ideas that will help you step up your decorating game and create a championship-worthy environment.

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1. Rep your team’s colors. 

Team colors are one of the easiest sports room ideas that allow you to put your passion as a fan into your decor. The great thing about incorporating team colors is that they can be loud or subtle. You might have a couple of subtle stripes of Ohio State scarlet and gray around your media room, or you might have your entire living room blasted with Steelers black and yellow NFL wallpaper. (Yes, the Wiz Khalifa song is now stuck in your head. Sorry!) 

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2. Give your memorabilia the display it deserves. 

Many sports fans have spent years accumulating a collection of team memorabilia, and a sports-themed decor scheme is the perfect excuse to put your treasures on display. Invest in some high-quality display cases for your collectibles and place them prominently in your fan cave or media room. Flank that collection of UNC championship commemorative gear with a few Tar Heels Fatheads and you’re in business. 

3. Think about mixing in your sports decorations throughout a home.

If you can’t devote a whole room to your Kansas Jayhawks obsession (or you have way too much team gear to keep it confined to one space), why not make it a decorative theme that pops up throughout your home? A subtle theme that runs across rooms is a great way to make your home decor feel more unified, and a collection of sports decorations offers an outstanding way to do that. For a fun game at your March Madness party, try challenging your guests to spot every official Kansas Jayhawks Fathead and piece of gear in your home. 


4. Use peel and stick wallpaper for a damage-free fan zone. 

You might go gaga for some Cubs wallpaper in your den, but what if you’re trying to sell your house to a White Sox fan in a few years? Fortunately, Fathead has the peel and stick wallpaper MLB fans (and fans of all kinds) love. Our peel and stick sports wallpaper features crisp, vibrant team colors and logos combined in slick designs — and it’s incredibly fast and easy both to apply and remove. 

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5. Add something vintage for a trace of old-school flair. 

Tradition and history are some of the most important and cherished parts of sports, so one sports room idea that will punch up your decor is adding a little bit of a vintage touch. A series of Sports Illustrated covers from each of your team’s March Madness championships or a tasteful black-and-white photograph from the early days of your favorite sports can create a pleasant and nostalgic link to the past and offset newer decor. And if you’ve got vintage memorabilia in your collection, make sure you give it a place of pride in your display. 

6. Create a social sports space. 

For a lot of sports enthusiasts, one of the best parts of being a fan is having your friends over for beverages, snacks and a little bit of friendly trash talk. (Some Alabama Fatheads or Auburn Fatheads are sure to get a lively and civil discussion going.) That’s why a lot of sports fans center their sports room ideas around a space for socializing. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Some comfortable seating, a coffee table and a quality TV is plenty for some fans. Of course, at the other end, a hockey-themed bar with hockey puck barstools, Stanley Cup tumblers and NHL wallpaper is an equally valid choice for those who want to go all-in. 

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7. Incorporate sports room ideas into your rec room.

What better place for sporty decor than a recreation room? Whether your rec room is rocking a pool table, bar, ping-pong table, video game systems or just about anything else, the smart money says that it would probably look even more March Madness-ready with a couple of framed jerseys and a college stadium mural. (We might just be saying that because we’re fans, too, but we stand by our reasoning.) 

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