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Life-Size Character + 9 Decals (51"W x 78"H)
Life-Size Character + 2 Decals (51"W x 78"H)
Giant Character + 2 Decals (33"W x 51"H)
X-Large Character + 2 Decals (25"W x 38.5"H)
Large Character + 2 Decals (11"W x 16.5"H)
Thor: Avengers Core - Officially Licensed Removable Wall Decal
Thor: Avengers Core - Officially Licensed Removable Wall Decal

Thor: Avengers Core - Officially Licensed Removable Wall Decal

SKU: 1900-01433-001




Fly with the God of Thunder and Wind, and help one of the Earth’s mightiest Avengers wield Mjolnir to fight evil. Side with this son of Odin and powerhouse hero in these action-filled, high-quality decals posted in your home gym, office, or anywhere you need extra fortitude. Show your loyalty to Thor with these durable, giftable decal collections of this powerful founding Avenger who constantly battles his trickster half-brother Loki.

Reusable design is safe for walls
Sticks to most smooth, flat surfaces
No tape or tacks required
Thick, high-grade vinyl resists tears, rips & fading

Indoor use only
Made in the USA


Life-Size Character: 51”W x 78”H

Giant Character: 33”W x 51”H

X-Large Character: 25”W x 38.5”H

Large Character: 11”W x 16.5”H


All Fathead wall decals are printed on demand. Please allow up to two (2) standard business days for production and order processing. This does NOT include shipping time. Please see the link below for shipping times.

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Given that Fathead is a print on demand company, we are not able to process cancellations or update addresses following purchase of a Fathead product.


Installing Your Fathead Wall Graphic

  1. UNROLL your Fathead, and let relax flat on the floor for an hour.
  2. PREP your wall while your Fathead relaxes. Choose a wall according to the dimensions of your decal, and wipe down the wall surface with water to remove dust and dirt.
  3. PEEL with the help of a friend from the top down. Slowly peel away from backing without letting the Fathead stick to itself.
  4. STICK one corner of your Fathead to the wall with minimal pressure and apply outwards from there. If you make a mistake, you can unpeel and try again.
  5. SMOOTH out air bubbles and wrinkles. Start from the middle, and push out toward edges.
  6. ENJOY your awesome Fathead decal!

View our Fathead Vinyl Wall Decal Installation Video

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