What to Do With That Big Empty Wall in Your Bedroom

What to Do With That Big Empty Wall in Your Bedroom

use fathead wall decor on your big empty walls

Has a roommate moved out? Have you gotten over your WWE phase? Have you ripped down all of your posters of Shawn Mendes?

Congratulations on any and all accomplishments that lead to you having more space to decorate at home. Decorating is fun and can legitimately add happiness to your daily life. This article will help guide you in deciding what to do with that big empty wall in your bedroom!

6 Ideas to Decorate an Empty Wall

An empty wall in a bedroom makes the room itself look empty. Even if it has all of the other bedroom essentials, it feels like something is missing when there is a big, open space on one or more of the walls. 

Realizing you need to fill the empty wall is the easy part. Deciding what to fill it with is where things get tricky, but also fun. From decals to shelves, here are 6 artistic ideas to help you with your empty wall inspiration.  

Design with Custom Wall Decals

Murals are a good way to take up a lot of wall space, and vinyl murals and decals make it a cinch. Some decals are pre-designed, but Fathead also allows you to create made-to-order  custom wall decals that are generated from a photo or design you upload right on the website . These always look great on empty walls.  

Layer with Shelving

Pictures, books, awards, and other collections can all find a new home on an empty wall by adding shelving. This is also a good option for empty wall space that has an odd shape. Like pieces to a puzzle, a creative array of shelves can quickly fill up space in your bedroom and give you more places to keep your stuff. 

Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors to an empty wall space can be hit or miss, as sometimes they make the room look even more empty, but a perfectly placed mirror  can reflect light and transform a bedroom. 

Create a Collage

Gone are the days when collages were only for dorm rooms. Now that high-quality  photos can be printed at home, other things can be added to collages such as fabric to match your bed, art, and some Fathead custom minis!

Liven Up with Plants

Plants are another great way to add character to your bedroom, and if the wall space is above a dresser or nightstand, the possibilities are pretty much endless. You definitely need to take into account how much care you’re willing/able to provide them, but there are plenty of options for people who are novices in plant care. 

What to Consider Before Decorating a Big Empty Wall

A few things should be taken into account before deciding how to decorate your bedroom wall. 

Decorate Your Wall Without Damaging It 

This is extra important to renters. Things like shelving and mirrors need to be anchored to the wall, and some rental properties don’t allow this. Paint isn’t something that most would consider “damage,” but it does fall in the category of things that may not be allowed in rental properties. 

For these reasons, vinyl  wall decals are a safe bet for decorating your wall and eventually leaving without a trace. 


As with most home improvement projects, a budget comes into play when decorating your bedroom wall. Most of the ideas above have budget options, but if you’re able to invest a little extra, the possibilities definitely grow. 


If you’re someone who likes to change their room often, consider that before making holes in your empty wall. 

How Do I Put a Vinyl Wall Decal Up?

Here are the steps to take when putting up your wall decal in your bedroom. You can also check out this video

  • Pick a Spot - Smooth surfaces are best. Avoid textured walls, brick, and freshly painted walls
  • Measure the space and your decal to make sure it fits.
  • Clean the wall with water, no soap.
  • Phone a Friend - Some decals are very large so you might need some help, and friends are fun.
  • Unroll your decal and let it lay flat for about an hour.
  • Peel it and Stick it - Start at the top and carefully apply your decal top to bottom.
  • Squeegee it - Starting in the middle, use a squeegee to push out all of the bubbles to avoid loss of adherence.

Time to Bring Your Bedroom Wall to Life

Have you decided which route is best for filling up your wall? There’s no wrong answer if something makes you happy, but there are definitely a lot of right answers on our product pages, so please do some scrolling before making your final decision on what to do with that big empty wall in your bedroom.


How do I fill up more wall space?

There are plenty of ways, including shelving, photos, artwork, paint, wall murals, vinyl decals, and more. 

When should you leave a wall blank?

Never! That’s boring and you’re not boring. Buy a Fathead!

Can Fatheads stick to textured walls?

Fatheads are recommended for smooth surfaces and it’s best to avoid textured surfaces.

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