Gym Decals & Decor Ideas

Gym Decals & Decor Ideas

Gym Decal Ideas


At Fathead we are a little partial to sports, but many people work out to stay in shape for their own athletic endeavors. Decorating your gym wall with your favorite sports teams’ triumphant moments can help motivate you to work harder to achieve your own goals. 

Favorite Teams

At Fathead we are a little partial to sports, but many people work out to stay in shape for their own athletic endeavors. Decorating your gym wall with your favorite sports teams’ triumphant moments can help motivate you to work harder to achieve your own goals. 

Comics and Anime

The loud colors and exaggerated features found in anime characters are designed to catch people’s eyes. Following suit in your home gym can have the same effect. In the case you’re more of a comic nerd, it also helps reflect your personality, which is something any room you plan on using often should do. If your supersets need a superhero, check out our Marvel vinyl decal line here!

Cool “Views”

A lot of people dream of an ocean view or a picturesque sunset over the mountains in their home gym. Unfortunately, not everyone is a millionaire. Fortunately, full-wall vinyls can turn an entire wall (or all of your walls) in your gym into a view of your favorite landscapes. Adding special lightning can really help you feel like you’re on the beach even when you’re in a basement in Iowa. 

Motivational Quotes

Nothing says “Get Motivated” like wall decals that say “Get Motivated” or something along those lines. Motivational quotes for your home gym can add a nice style touch and also help amp you up when you’re not feeling up to working out. Chase those gains! Athletes, world leaders, musicians, and even personal heroes are all great sources for motivational quotes. 


Artwork can set the tone in any room, including your home gym. Art can be organic, of course, but hanging art involves some intrusion on your possibly rented gym walls. Creating custom wall vinyl graphics by uploading a photo to our website can allow you to turn any and all of your favorite art into non-intrusive gym decorations. 


Shelving can also help fill up a wall, especially when there is empty space that is a bit obscure. With shelves, you can save space by using them as storage, but you can also add other things that motivate you such as degrees, certificates, photos of family, trophies, and more


Speaking of shelving, plants can also go on shelves, and pretty much anywhere else. Plants literally bring life to a room, and in spaces where work needs to get done (gym, office, etc.), they also serve the dual purpose of energizing a space while adding an aesthetic touch.

What Is a Gym Decal?

Vinyl wall decals are decorations for your gym that don’t require any sort of construction or alteration to your walls. They hang on pretty much any smooth surface, and are quick and easy to apply, though sometimes mislabeled as gym stickers. Vinyl decals are a lot more durable than regular stickers.  

Can I Get Custom Vinyl Wall Decals for My Home Gym Decor?

Getting custom vinyl decals for your gym is easy! If your biggest motivators aren’t available as pre-designed wall decals, you can always use Fathead’s custom decal system to upload your own photos and turn them into gym wall decals. 

Other Cool Things to Add to Your Home Gym 

In addition to the greatest walls the world has ever seen (after applying your Fathead), here are some other ideas to make your gym more functional!

Gym Organization

We touched on shelving as a means of organizing your home gym, but other space savers can add to the functionality. Weight racks, places to hang your yoga mats, and strategically placed storage containers can help maximize the space of your gym. 


One specific kind of space saver is in tech automation. With things like hidden TVs or variable lighting, your gym can serve as both a weight training sweatbox and a peaceful yoga studio with the push of a button or two. 

Sound System

Visual motivators are great, but pumping sound through your veins with a top-notch sound system can take your gym’s motivation levels to their peak. Your neighbors might not like it as much as you, but hey, at least you’ll be able to help them with that yard work with minimal effort being put out by your massive muscles that were sculpted in your home gym. 

Get in the Gym!

Motivation is a huge part of a successful workout regiment and creating a space that breeds motivation is a cinch with gym wall decals and will pay dividends. No matter what style or vibe you’re trying to set in your gym, Fathead has some vinyl wall decal ideas that can help you set the tone in the room where you get toned. 


What are some home gym ideas?

Home gyms are the most functional when they are decorated with motivation in mind. Anything that will get you amped is a good addition to a home gym. 

What are some home gym wall decor ideas?

Vinyl wall decals are quick and easy to hang up, and there are many different styles. Shelves and plants also allow for space-saving and positive vibes, respectively. 

What is a Fathead?

A Fathead is a vinyl wall hanging created to bring any and all of your rooms to life. 

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