Best Garage Wall Decals

Best Garage Wall Decals

Garage decals ideas

Here are 6 theme ideas to help inform your decision-making regarding your new garage wall decor.


A lot of garages are home to a range of sports equipment. Whether you’re a parent trying to help mold the next Ken Griffey Jr. or using as a home gym, a sports-themed garage wall vinyl or two can really set the tone. 

For the Ultimate Tool Shed

Many garages also double as workspaces for the DIY carpenters of the world. If your garage is  home to all of your trade tools , use custom wall decals to highlight your toolbox favorite brands. This will notonly look cool, but could work as a backdrop to DIY videos! 

Pit Stop-Style Garage

Do you like working on your car or motorcycle? Why not make your garage mimic your favorite NASCAR team’s pit stop? Fathead’s NASCAR line can certainly get you to the starting line. Add in some custom wall decals of your favorite tool brands and aftermarket parts carriers, and you’ve got yourself a pit stop-style garage. 


Some people use their garages as home gyms or yoga studios, and a peaceful vibe coming from serene wall decals can help set the tone. Landscape decals such as waterfalls and mountains can help transform your garage into a space that feels completely separate from your home. Allow your mind to wander andescape into a tranquil landscape decal..


A piece of artcan transform the feel of any room, even garage walls. . If you have a knack for bigcolors or bold statements, large form artwork cansave you a whole lot of time on painting. Friends with an artist?  Turn their creations into custom wall vinyl and enjoy being the owner of an original! 

Motivational Quotes

No matter the garage theme, a motivational quote wall vinyl can offer your daily positive input. . . Workouts, new engines, morning routines, and even relaxation can all be sparked with a little motivation. 

Whether you like to live, laugh, and love, or get  amped up with lyrics from your favorite Metallica song, garage walls always look better with some motivational quotes. 

What Is a Vinyl Wall Decal?

Vinyl wall decals are decorations for your garage that don’t require any construction or alteration to your walls. They can be applied to almost any smooth surface quickly and are  easy to apply. 

What About Custom Vinyl Wall Decals?

Custom vinyl wall decals are exactly what they sound like, a decal created uniquely to your specifications. Fathead offers an online option of uploading a photo that they will turn into your very own custom vinyl wall decal. 

Ideas for a Garage Transformation 

In addition to your rad new vinyl wall decal, here are a few other ideas for spicing up your garage!

Garage decal ideas


If your garage is taking a sports theme, an arcade-style basketball game would stellar  next to your new wall vinyl. Add a pool table, , shuffleboard and darts, e  you’ll soon be the host of all game nights! 

Entertainment Center 

Cars, shmars. If you’re making your garage a hangout for the big game, you  need a bigger TV. Create a custom entertainment center to host your large tv, game consoles and speakers


Working on a car? Perfecting your golf  swing? Celebrating a team win? What do they all have in common? A celebratory drink! a fancy garage fridge or frigerator is a modern-day status symbol.

Garage Space Savers

Turning a garage into an extra room starts with making sure it has extra room. Where garage wall vinyls are great for decoration as they don’t take up any space, adding things to save space can help you throw more of your favorite things (like the aforementioned pool table) into your garage. Bike hangers, stackable storage bins, tool boxes,

Hidden TV

Sure, having a TV in your garage is cool, but what if it could be discreetly stowed? Consider mounting your tv on a motorize mount attached to the ceiling.  Instantly transform from a regular garage  to a full blown entertainment hub  with the click of a few buttons. 

Time to Decorate the Garage Walls

Now that your head is full of ideas, it’s time to give your garage a facelift. Ultimately, your decorations should reflect your interests, passions, and the things that make you happy!

Fathead has a lot more than sports decals, and it’s a great place to start your garage decor search, no matter what style you’re looking for!


What can I put on my garage walls?

Pretty much anything that suits you, really, but some things are more invasive than others. Wall decals are quick and easy to apply and leave no trace when you decide to move on. 

How do I maximize my garage space?

Garage space savers come in all different sizes. Hang things from the roof, make a floor plan, and get rid of some old stuff.

What is a Fathead?

A Fathead is a vinyl wall hanging created to bring any and all of your rooms to life. 

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