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Man Cave Décor Ideas for Every Budget

Here’s our man cave philosophy: Why fill the basement with rusty old tools and boxes full of half-working Christmas lights when you could fill it with mini-kegs and gaming consoles? Let’s be real: we both know what would get more use in this scenario. If you’re ready to take the plunge and whip that underused space into a manly cave of your wildest dreams, get your wheels spinning with the amazing décor ideas below. 

watching golf game

1. Make It Sports Themed—If your plan for the man cave involves hosting the guys for big games, then you’re going to want to include your team’s colors in the theme. Some simple ways to incorporate team spirit include vinyl wall decals of your favorite players and teams (check out our Dallas Cowboys wall decals for some amazing ideas) or framing the jerseys of the most legendary players.

Cowboys Football Helmet

2. Not Into Sports? Pick Another Theme—Man caves aren’t just for the sports-obsessed. They’re for everyone, regardless of what you’re into. There are many amazing décor themes you can use to create a space worthy of whatever you love. Some awesome ideas to consider include:

  • Casino theme with slot machines and a poker table
  • Movie night theme with movie a popcorn machine and movie decals
  • Video game theme with comfy gaming chairs and Nintendo decals
  • Cabana theme with a thatched-roof tiki bar and tropical accents
  • Cigar theme with tufted leather smoking chairs and a bourbon bar
  • Music theme with wall-mounted guitars and framed records
  • Poolhall theme with a centrally placed pool table and darts
  • Cabin theme with antler mounts and unfinished wood furniture
  • Theater theme with oversized theater chairs and a projector 
  • Library theme with shelving featuring your favorite books

  • 3. Incorporate Masculine Textures—To ensure that your man cave is adequately manly, you’ll want to ditch the neutral colors and basic textures for those that bring more of a dude-ish feel. Think: brick, stone, stainless steel or plaid. It’s super easy to work in pops of manly style with peel-and-stick wallpaper or framed wall hangings. Bring in leather, wood and stone with your furniture for a classic manly vibe.


    Man cave

    4. Don’t Forget the Bar—The bar can serve as the centerpiece of your man cave, since it will undoubtedly become a favorite spot during big games and hang sessions with friends. Personalize your bar décor using custom vinyl wall decals featuring you, your preferred brew or even a graphic that reminds you of your favorite bar. If you really want your man cave bar to impress, work in some unique accents, such as DIY beer keg stools and neon signage. And don’t forget to install your own keg and taps so you always have fresh brews on draft.

    5. Let It Double as a Game Room—It doesn’t matter whether you’re into board games or video games, the man cave is the perfect spot to encourage a little bit of friendly competition. Add darts, a pool table, air hockey, a shuffleboard table, cornhole, board games and screens with all the best game consoles. If you have a bit of budget to play with, you can’t go wrong with a couple of retro pinball machines and arcade games.

    6. Go Oversized and Overstuffed—When selecting man cave furniture, focus on choosing pieces that are, above all else, comfortable. Oversized, overstuffed sofas and sectionals always make the perfect choice for guys who like to host their friends for games, movie nights or watch parties of any sort. Keep the upholstery neutral and pile on throw pillows that remind you of the things you love, whether it be your pet, your favorite sports team or a fabric that just has you written all over it.

    Decorative Sports Art

    7. Keep the Amenities Coming—We’re all about a minimalist man cave, but there’s nothing wrong with being a little extra, either. In order to make your space as comfortable and self-sufficient as possible, you’re going to need a few amenities. Consider installing an ice machine—an ice machine is a legitimate game-changer, trust us—a mini fridge and a built-in humidor to add a little functional swag to your décor. 

    8. Hang Unique Wall Décor—The best way to make your man cave stand out is to decorate the walls with unexpectedly cool accents. Display your collection with a skateboard or surfboard rack that adds color, dimension and personality to otherwise boring walls. Find ways to decoratively mount car parts, instruments, sports equipment, vinyl records and even bicycles for functional, cool-looking storage.

    The beauty of a well-designed man cave is that it doesn’t take a ton of time or money. By using things you already have around the house plus a few tailor-made showcase pieces, you can put together a spot that you’ll want to spend all your free time enjoying.

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