25 Gifts for Athletes

25 Gifts for Athletes

25 Gifts for Athletes

Got a gym rat or sports fanatic on your list who already has one of everything? We feel you. But finding something amazing for your favorite sweat enthusiast is actually easier than you might expect when you think outside the box and grab something from this list. Here you’ll discover a ton of genius gifts for athletes that will help earn you the title of MVGG (Most Valuable Gift Giver). You can thank us later.


Start here if you’re looking for presents for someone who spends all their free time at the gym or out on a trail. Whether they prefer to pump iron in their basement man cave or crank up the BPMs at the spin studio, any of the following gifts will do the trick. These are the coolest fitness gadgets and home gym staples that’ll make anyone want to sweat it out.

1. A Custom Head Cutout—Looking for a gift that will help motivate? A custom big head cutout might just do the trick. These giant foam or cardstock cutouts make excellent gym décor—and, let’s be honest, anywhere décor—and keep every athlete pushing themselves to the next level. They’re also a pretty incredible choice for gifters who want to cheer on their sports-playing, marathon-running loved ones from the sidelines in a big way. 

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2. A Set of Adjustable Dumbbells—Adjustable dumbbells are the gift for the apartment-dwelling fitness fanatic on your list. These brilliant little strength trainers bring all the power and performance of your standard (fixed) dumbbells, but take up way less space and don’t require a hefty rack. 

3. A High-Tech Jump Rope—We all know they now make smartwatches and smart toasters and smart doorbells, but did you know there’s such a thing as a smart jump rope? This genius fitness staple actually tracks your jump count, calories burned and workout times, because why not? This is one piece of fitness equipment that can help your recipient take at-home cardio up a few notches without the need to invest in any bulky, expensive gear.

4. A Fitness Tracker—If your iron-pumping, mile-logging pal doesn’t already have a fitness tracker of some sort, then you’re going to want to skip everything else on this list and start here. Fitness trackers include watches, bracelets and rings that log crucial health info, from heart rate to steps, helping wearers monitor and smash their fitness goals with data on their side.

5. A Custom Golf Towel—In need of a gift for the golfer who’s got it all? We’re here with the solution—a custom golf towel featuring your design in a vibrant, colorful print. Our waffle fabric towels have sewn-in handles perfect for the golf bag, so they’re sure to become favorites on the course.

custom golf towel

6. A Foam Roller—Athletes rely on strong yet nimble muscles to push them to the next level, which is why regular massages are crucial. A foam roller is an awesome way to work out all those kinks—quite literally—at home after a particularly intense workout. A gift card to a massage therapist works, too.

7. A Weighted Vest—This one’s for all those extreme athletes out there who like to push themselves to the absolute limit no matter what’s on the agenda. Weighted fitness vests help athletes build strength and endurance by increasing body weight, which means a harder and more effective workout.

8. A Wearable Air Conditioner—If you haven’t heard of this yet, you’re in for a real treat. Sony recently released a wearable air conditioner that sits in a pocket in the back of your T-shirt and keeps you cool for up to three hours. This incredible wearable isn’t just for the gym, either. It’s also for working in the yard, mid-summer concerts and chilling when it’s sweltering out.

9. A Bluetooth Speaker—We all know that personal bests cannot be broken without a hard-hitting playlist that gets you amped. It’s simple science. If your recipient is all about the home gym, you’re going to want to arm him with a high-decibel Bluetooth speaker to take the tunes—and the workout—to the next level of intensity. 

10. A Candle for the Gym—Even the most serious iron-pumpers in the weight room love a good candle. Instead of the lavender-vanilla or clean cotton, give them the gift of a candle that smells like “everything hurts and I’m dying.” Hey, it’s better than smelly gym clothes, right?

11. A Punching Bag—Punching bags are clutch in the home gym, so if your recipient doesn’t already have one to knock around, put this at the top of the list. Like jump ropes, punching bags come in all kinds of digital options these days, and there are even styles that coach you and track your progress.

custom wall decal

12. A Custom Wall Decal for the Home Gym—Got a pal who has decked out his home gym to the nines? Help him complete the décor with a custom wall decal that makes even the dingiest basement gym feel professional and inspiring. Because blank walls don’t do anyone any good.

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13. Weight Training Shoes—Give them the gift of the right fit with new weight training shoes. Every avid weight-lifter knows not all shoes are created equal, and you want the best stability when attempting your power cleans. When shopping for strength training shoes, consider well-reviewed options such as NOBULL training shoes or Nike Metcons.    

14. A Compact, Folding Treadmill—Who says treadmills have to involve a box truck rental and five of your buddies? These days, there’s an array of genius mini treadmills that fold up and fit basically wherever you need them to. They’re perfect for rounding out an apartment-sized home gym when you’re working on a budget, both spatially and financially.

15. A Roomy Gym Bag—If practicality is your style, then you can’t go wrong when you surprise your dear athlete with a top-notch gym bag with room for all the essentials. If you’re feeling extra, you could even fill it with some fitness goodies—protein bars, a water bottle, a sweatband, hair ties, etc.


In the market for something for the loved one who spends all their free time parked in front of the big-screen, cheering on their favorite team? Whether it’s tickets to the stadium or fan gear like you’ve never seen before, the gifts on this list will kick your recipient into a sidelines state of mind.

16. Tickets to the Game—The very best gift for any sports fanatic is, of course, tickets to the big game. But we’re not talking about any old tickets. We’re talking about good tickets. If it’s in the budget, spring for the non-nosebleeds. If you need to keep it reasonable, just make sure you choose the nosebleeds that are closest to the bar or snack stand.

garage door banner

17. A Garage Door Banner—If we’re talking about spoiling a super serious sports fan, give the garage door banner some serious consideration. These oversized peel and stick garage stickers transform a basic garage door into a billboard of fanaticism, and they come in styles for all your recipient’s favorite teams to get the whole neighborhood hyped up.

18. A Vintage Jersey—This one’s for all the retro sports lovers out there who know all the stats and history of their team of choice! Each cool vintage sports jersey is designed to be accurate to the gear worn by players in a specific era, whether it be the NBA in the ‘80s or the MLB during Jackie Robinson’s heyday. In addition to jerseys, you may also want to grab some retro windbreakers or vintage tees honoring your recipient’s team of choice.  

19. An NFL Hoodie—Let’s be honest—team gear is pretty much always a slam-dunk when you’re shopping for a mega-fan. And when it comes to team gear, nothing gets as much wear as the hoodie. That’s why we vouch for any and all comfortable sports team hoodies for your favorite fan.

20. A Wall Decal Featuring Their Favorite Team or Player—Whether it’s for the living room, bedroom or dorm room, sports decals turn every space into a fan cave. Grab a decal honoring your recipient’s favorite franchise, sport or player. For example, bestow your lifelong Pats fan with a Patriots decal or your MVP stan with a decal of LeBron, Giannis or Steph.


In the market for something extra-special for your favorite macro-counters? Whether they’re all about mixing up gourmet shakes or love finding creative ways to hit their daily protein goal (hint: via beer), they’ll be delighted by this incredible variety of gifts curated especially for the nutrition-obsessed.

kneeling on pavement sports bottle

21. A Badass Water Bottle—We know what you’re thinking: How badass could a drinking vessel actually be? Well, let us explain. These days, there are literally water bottles that do everything from track water consumption throughout the day to play tunes via built-in Bluetooth speakers. Even low-tech water bottles can be a major game-changer because the best ones keep your H2O ice-cold for days and won’t leak in your gym bag or backpack. 

22. A Healthy Snack Subscription Service—If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, consider signing up your recipient for a nutrition-focused subscription service that helps them keep their macros on track. There are a ton of sub boxes out there perfect for athletes, including versions with healthy snacks, protein drinks and even pre-made meals.

23. A Fitness-Focused Cookbook—You know what they say: Abs are made in the kitchen. We aren’t sure how true that really is, but we do know that if you’ve got a nutritionally-minded pal who also loves to crank up the heat in the kitchen, a fitness-focused cookbook is a definite win. Some of the more popular titles in this genre include The Bodybuilding Cookbook by Jason Farley; Eat Clean, Play Dirty by Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle; and The Shredded Chef by Michael Matthews.

24. High-Protein Beer—Yes, they make that, and yes you—er, your recipient—needs a six-pack or two. There are a few beers on the market these days tailored specifically to gym-goers and athletes, including a new “mega beer” released by Deschutes. This low-calorie, low-carb, protein-rich brew clocks in at 8.2 percent ABV, so it’s definitely not for gym days. These days, you’ll even find high-protein cookies and candy and pizza so, hey, go crazy. It’s healthy-ish.

25. A Super-Fancy Blender—How is your pal going to enjoy all the power-packed protein beverages out there without a good-quality blender? Whether it’s a small bullet blender or a full-blown commercial-grade style, any athlete would get plenty of use out of a shake-making upgrade. Sweeten the deal by tossing in some gourmet protein powder while you’re at it.

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If you’re hunting for the best present for the athlete or mega-fan on your list, let us toss you a Hail Mary: It’s all about keeping things personal. It doesn’t matter how expensive, how fancy or how unique, if you make it something that feels tailor-made to your receiver, you can pretty much bank on it being a big W. We hope the gifts on this list get your wheels spinning!


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