Athlete Wall Decals: The Stories Behind Our Most Iconic Athlete Fatheads

Athlete Wall Decals: The Stories Behind Our Most Iconic Athlete Fatheads

Even though Fathead now offers vinyl wall decals from movies, events, holidays, and even custom designs, our primary products still revolve around sports. Sports fans often define their fandom by moments that they got to experience while supporting their favorite teams and players, in this article we’ll take a deeper look at the stories behind 6 of our most iconic athlete vinyl decals. 

What is a Fathead?

Fatheads are vinyl wall decals intended to spice up any room without any sort of construction or alteration to your walls. They hang on pretty much any smooth surface, and are quick and easy to apply. 

The company started in Detroit in 2006, with the vast majority of the early products being related to sports. They have since grown to create and distribute vinyl wall decals of all shapes, sizes, and subjects, but sports has remained a staple, and some of these iconic images stitched their place in sporting lore long before Fathead was a company. 

6 Iconic Athlete Wall Decals

Here is a look at the stories behind six of our most iconic athlete wall decals. 

Tiger Woods in His Sunday Best

Tiger Woods Wall Decal

By almost everyone’s account, Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer of all time. Even though he’s certainly had a few blemishes in both his personal life and golf game, he has overcome many obstacles on his way to sitting atop the World Golf Rankings for a record 281 weeks between 2005 and 2010. 

Cumulatively, he has spent more than twice as much time on top of that list than Greg Norman, the man with the second-most weeks spent at number 1. He has the second most Major Tournament victories at 15 and has won every major at least 3 times. 

He also has been awarded the Professional Golfers' Association Player of the Year award 11 times and has been the leading money winner 10 times. It also can’t be understated how much Woods has had to fight against the exclusive nature of country club culture as a black man, and just his presence has drastically improved the global reach and popularity of the PGA. 

Tom Brady Super Bowl With Bucs

Tom Brady Super Bowl Wall Decal

This just in, Tom Brady is good at football! At the age of 44, Brady is still going strong in the NFL, with his ridiculous 7th Super Bowl won just two seasons ago (see wall decal above). Some of the haters said that Tom was a product of a system built for winning when he was with the New England Patriots, where he won his first 6 Super Bowls, but then he moved and won again. With The Bucs win, haters were silenced and Tom Brady was solidified as the G.O.A.T. on the vast majority of people’s “Best Football Player of All Time” lists. 

The 3 time NFL MVP, Brady’s most recent award came at the age of 40. In addition to being a stud on the field, his longevity is more than noteworthy, and he’ll probably still be playing when your kids’ kids read this. 

Michael Jordan Free Throw Line Dunk
Michael Jordan Wall Decal

There tends to be a little more of a conversation around the greatest basketball player of all time compared to Brady/football, but regardless of your take, this Michael Jordan free-throw line athlete wall decal is as iconic an image that exists in the world of sports. 

Jordan won 6 championships in just 15 seasons in the NBA. By comparison, the great Kobe Bryant played 20 seasons and LeBron James is currently in his 19th, and they have 5 and 4 championships, respectively. 

Given, longevity is welcomed in all sports, Jordan is still near the top of the list for most records even though he played for a shorter time than many of his successors, and he was just unstoppable in the clutch. 

His accolades on the court include:

  • 6-time NBA Finals MVP
  • 5-time NBA MVP
  • 14-time All-Star
  • 10-time All-NBA first team
  • 9-time All-NBA defensive first team

And of course, a 2-time dunk champion who gave the world more vinyl-decal-worthy slams than most of the rest of the league combined. 

Derek Jeter FarewellDerek Jeter Wall Decal

Derek Jeter, known by most Yankee fans simply as “The Captain,” was the face of the most recognizable baseball franchise in the world for more than a

decade. He helped the boys in pinstripes win 5 World Series, and held the Series MVP in 2000; winning 5 gold gloves and five silver slugger awards, it’s no surprise Jeter was also the captain of the Yankees for 12 seasons. 

Though the Yankees have historically been a target for haters, Jeter seemed to always slip out of the crosshairs with his professionalism, poise, and clutch performances. 

Alex Morgan - USWNT World Cup VictoryMorgan Alex Wall Decal

The 2019 US Women’s National Soccer Team was arguably one of the greatest teams to ever don the red, white, and blue. Alex Morgan, pictured in the wall decal above, was a key part of leading them to become champions in the SheBelieves Cup, Tournament of Nations, and ultimately the World Cup. 

Entering the game’s most prestigious tournament on a 21-game winning streak, the US Women’s National Soccer Team qualified with 5-0-0, scoring 18 goals and conceding a whopping zero. They broke a record for win deficit in their first World Cup game in 2019, with Morgan scoring 5 of the goals in their 13-0 shellacking of Thailand. They handily beat the Netherlands in the final on the way to their record 4th Women’s World Cup. 

King Henry Stiff Arm

King Henry Stiff Arm Wall Decal

Josh Norman was very fast, some even said, “he could fly.”  Well in the athlete wall decal pictured above, The Titans’ Derrick Henry made sure everyone would remember that Norman could indeed fly when he was tossed to the ground like a rag doll by King Henry 2 seasons ago. 

In addition to modern sports decals, Fathead also offers custom vinyl decals so your favorite athletes and sports moments can wind up on your wall no matter how obscure! 

Where Should I Hang My Sports Vinyl Decal?

Some of our sports vinyl decals are very vibrant and tend to look the best in common hangout spots like your man cave or garage. Some of the more iconic moments, such as Tiger Woods winning the U.S. Open, can serve as your daily dose of motivation!

Is There A Fathead Sports Decal for My Favorite Athlete?

Though our collection of athlete wall decals is expansive, the world of sports is evergrowing, but fear not! Fathead custom vinyl wall decals allow you to choose your own photo on the majority of our product offerings. 

Be Iconic!

These athletes are all absolute masters of their crafts. In addition to making your rooms look cooler, use them as motivation, and maybe you’ll wind up on one of our wall decals someday!


Can Fatheads be removed?

Yes, but they generally use their adhesiveness and are intended to be for single-use. 

What are Fatheads made of?

They are made of vinyl, a popular synthetic material that makes them very easy to hand and allows for custom creations. 

What are the best moments in sports history?

This all depends on who you’re asking, but some of the iconic players on the athlete wall decals in this article were certainly involved in some of them!

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