How To Put On a Wall Decal

How To Put On a Wall Decal

If you’ve made the decision to decorate an empty wall with a vinyl decal (or wall mural sticker, canvas art, random decor–you get the picture), the first step to putting it up is relaxing. 

It’s a pretty simple process, and it doesn’t require much more than a good attitude, a little water, a sponge… and maybe a friend if you’ve got a big decal.

Easy as it is, most wall decals are intended for a single-use only, so make sure you have the perfect spot and follow these steps so your new decor will look its best. 

What Do Vinyl Wall Decals Stick To? 

Wall decals are pretty easy to work with on most surfaces. Although, there are a few surfaces you avoid such as cloth, matte, or other textured surfaces. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself struggling to keep your wall decals sticking properly. 

We suggest applying your decals to glass, plastic, wood, and most types of drywall surfaces. However, if your wooden surface has a natural texture to it (unsanded), it’s better to find another spot for your decal. 

Another noteworthy mention: when hanging a decal on glass be cautious of direct sunlight, as it will shorten the life of the adhesive. Bedroom mirrors devoid of direct sunlight are solid alternative choices.

7 Steps to Put On a Wall Decal

Here are our 7 steps to help you put up your wall decal and have it look its absolute best!

Pick a Spot

Some people actually forget this step. They get excited about a new piece of art and wind up realizing they have no place to hang it… don’t be them!

Unroll Your Wall Decal

Once you’ve picked a spot, unrolling your wall decal before anything else allows it to settle and flatten out. Carefully putting weight on the corners can help too. We recommend letting it sit flat for an hour. 

Clean the Wall

Hold the soap! Soap remnants can affect your adhesive, so it’s important to just use a damp cloth or sponge to clean the wall before hanging your decal. 

Call a Friend

Vinyl wall decals can be huge. It’s one of the reasons they’re so cool. But that means you might need a pal to help you do the hanging. Before peeling and hanging, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to text your neighbor who owes you for the cup of sugar you gave them last week. 

Peel the Backing

With a spot on the wall and a spotter to help, it’s go time! Peel the backing of your vinyl decal slowly, and sensibly close to the wall to minimize the chances of it getting stuck in the wrong place. 

Stick It

Take your time and start from the top. Don’t apply too much pressure, as a slight readjustment or two will almost certainly be needed. And no, it won’t hurt your decal!

Squeegee It

Once the decal is on the wall in your desired position (and you’ve given your neighbor a high five), apply your squeegee to the middle of the decal and push out the bubbles towards the outside. 

Observe With Pride

  • Extend arm directly overhead (“reach toward the sky” doesn’t work thanks to western movies) 
  • Bend arm at the elbow. 
  • Pat own back repeatedly. 

Enjoy your new decorations, you wall-hanging master! Also, don’t forget to tag the makers of the decal on social media, especially if it’s a Fathead custom wall decal.

What Is a Wall Decal Made Of? 

Wall decals are normally made of vinyl, a man made material that is considered a plastic, and makes a great base for cool artwork to hang in your favorite room. 

For the science crowd, the basic ethylene that is found in crude oil(s), and chlorine like that in regular salt are the two main ingredients, and when processed is scientifically referred to as polyvinyl chloride or PVC.

Is It Easy To Take Down A Wall Decal?

Easy, yes, but vinyl decals are intended for single-use, so be sure you’re ready to say farewell to your awesome room before you decide to remove it. Like a regular sticker on a notebook, use something to peel back a corner and slowly remove the vinyl decal from the wall.

Time for a Stick Up

Remember that this is easy! A lot easier than painting a room or hanging a bunch of wallpaper, for sure. Ask a pal to help, be sure to take your time, and you’ll have a new addition to that room in a matter of minutes. 

If you feel like adding a second one, be sure to check out all of our new products here!

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