Fathead Favorites: Movie Wall Decals

Fathead Favorites: Movie Wall Decals

Black Panther Wall Decal

Vinyl wall decals can make any room pop, and if you have an entertainment room or a garage where you have movie nights, movie wall decals add to the home theater effect. And, of course, they look great in any kid’s room! 

This blog will take a look at some of our favorite vinyl decals from Hollywood. 

What is a Vinyl Wall Decal?

Vinyl wall decals are colorful decorations that don’t require any sort of construction, damage, or alteration to your walls. This generally makes them great for spaces that are rented or owned! 

History of Movie Wall Posters 

Movie posters line the halls of theaters in an attempt to catch the attention of filmgoers. They are fun, often colorful, and share a few quips about the movie as well as photos of the cast.

By most accounts, movie posters have been around since the late 1800s, but people didn’t start seeking them out as home decor until the last 40 years. Movie wall decals are an evolution in take-home movie poster technology, that will last for years to come.

Can I Make My Own Movie Wall Decals?

It would take a lot of tape to make a movie wall decal at home, the size of a Fathead, but small stickers are pretty easy to make and all you need is some tape, parchment paper, scissors, and some creativity. Click here to check out our step-by-step guide to make your own stickers. 

Where Should I Put Movie Wall Decals?

Vinyl wall decals really do have a place anywhere in your house. With our custom options, they certainly don’t have to be as loud as the movie wall decals we shared here. Man caves, kids rooms, workout rooms, offices, garages, sheds, the list never ends… kind of like the Star Wars universe. 

Movie Wall Decals from Fathead

With genres and storylines for everyone, here are some of our favorites!

Star Wars Fatheads

The first Star Wars movie (Episode 4) came out in 1977, and has become an iconic movie poster! Since then, the franchise has truly created its own universe, and with help from streaming services, its spinoffs are still some of the most popular shows on TV. 

At a total value of $70 billion, Star Wars is the fifth-highest media franchise of all time… and continues to get bigger. Speaking of big, (in a Yoda voice) our Star Wars Wall Decals you may like!

Disney/Pixar Fatheads

The first animated Disney movie’s release date puts Star Wars to shame! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released in 1937! That puts Prince Charming at about 110 years old if he was 25 when he was stealing hearts.

To say the Disney franchise has done pretty well since then would be an understatement. Since Snow White, Disney has produced more than 60 animated films, including many in partnership with Pixar, a 3D animation studio (Toy Story is a great lasting example). 

Check out some of our best Disney/Pixar Wall Decals here!

Marvel Fatheads

Marvel Comics are almost as old as Disney, with the first (which included the Human Torch which is still very popular) being released in 1939. The first film based on a Marvel character was released not long after, in 1944, but Captain America would be the only Marvel film for more than 30 years (today, it seems one is released every 30 days).

It was again Captain America when the next movie was made in 1979, and then the movies became pretty frequent, with Hulk and Spider-Man being early Marvel movie and tv favorites. 

Check out some of our favorite Marvel Wall Decals

Jurassic World Fatheads

Most Marvel characters are based on comic books, but the Jurassic Park/World franchise is also based on literature. The first Jurassic Park book was published in 1990, and the movie of the same name followed in 1993. Since then, 4 more films have been released, with a fifth, Jurassic World: Dominion, due out shortly after this gets published, but will definitely have a movie wall decal.

Here are some of our Jurassic World Wall Decals.  

Lights, Camera, Action

If this article proves anything, it's that a great movie is timeless. Aside from Jurassic Park, everything on this movie wall decal list is at least 45 years old. You might want to move your movie wall decals before then, but as long as you love a movie character, they can “hang” out on the wall where you watch your movies.  


How long do vinyl wall decals last?

If applied correctly, vinyl wall decals can last as long as you want them to when indoors. Outdoors, it depends on how much they are exposed to the elements. 

Do decals ruin walls?

No they do not. With a quick clean after removal, there is no trace. 

Do vinyl decals come off easily?

Yes they do! Once you get a corner started, they peel off very easily.

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