a home office featuring bergen peel and stick wallpaper

6 Craft Room Decor Ideas That Spark Creativity

a home office featuring bergen peel and stick wallpaper

Whether you picked up candle-making during quarantine or you’re a lifelong pottery enthusiast, your craft room can be a center of inspiration and creativity in your home. But most creative hobbyists also know that hobby areas often get overwhelmed by an endless mess of craft supplies, tools, electronics and other craft accessories. 

Decor and layout are an essential part of designing a creative space. And if you’re looking for ideas to use in your own space, we’ve got some outstanding craft room decor ideas that will get your creative energies flowing while taming the tangle of tools and supplies. 

1. Supply Organization

The practical can be an unexpectedly powerful gateway into the creative. Case in point: When you have all of your craft supplies organized in a way that helps you use them effectively, you just might find the improvements in workflow allow you to create more effortlessly. 

Your hobby’s particular needs will determine the supply organization structure — a model builder will need a different setup than a cartoonist. But certain additions, like adjustable shelving and plastic storage bins, are versatile enough that they’re a good choice for people in just about any creative discipline. 

2. Photos and Knick-Knacks

Do you draw your creative energy and encouragement from thinking about your favorite times with the people you love? Many people decorate their creative spaces with favorite photos and keepsakes to remind them of their connections to those closest to their hearts. 

The secret is finding a way to incorporate these items that works for your space. Photos are easy to hang on walls, but some people might also find that a custom wall decal from Fathead of a cherished moment fits their wall scheme more closely. If you’ve got some treasured knick-knacks, consider a floating shelf instead. 

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3. Houseplants

Nature is a major source of inspiration for many creative people, which is why you’ll often find houseplants in studios and craft rooms. There’s also good evidence that plants provide numerous benefits like reduced anxiety and improved focus and productivity. Who wouldn’t like a little more of that?  

a decorative ladder holding plants

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Plants that are hardy and easy to care for are the best option for most creative rooms. Snake plants, pothos and air plants are all popular choices, although green thumbs may enjoy adding some more challenging plants into their creative spaces as well. Make sure to account for how much light your space gets and choose plants that can handle those conditions.

4. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a really fun and powerful way to customize your creative space. What’s even better is that now it’s super easy to add wallpaper to your creative area thanks to Fathead’s peel and stick wallpaper. Each piece goes on in just a few minutes, and they’re equally simple to remove with no damage to your wall.

All kinds of configurations are possible with wallpaper as well. Experiment with applying wallpaper on just one wall to create an awesome accent wall, or apply it all over your studio for a more consistent look. You can even mix and match patterns if you’re looking for something really eclectic.

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5. Whiteboards

Sketch out the structure of your next project, do some free association to spark an idea or list all of the tools and supplies you need before you begin — a whiteboard is the perfect blank space for the mental tasks that structure creative work. If you haven’t tried one as part of your workflow, it can simultaneously get you organized and loosen you up.

Plus, with whiteboard wall stickers now available, it’s incredibly easy to install a whiteboard in your space. Creatives love Fathead’s dry erase wall calendar decals and whiteboard wall stickers just as much as our office customers do, and these stickers make an excellent home office wall decoration for people who also use their crafting space to work from home.

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6. Comfy Chair

You’re going to be spending some quality time in this space, so why not make it as comfortable as possible for yourself? Invest in a chair that you truly like sitting in, and you’ll be more likely to get your butt into it and do the hard work of creating. 

For most people, a good comfortable office chair with lower back support will be all you need. Some hobbies might require something a little different, like a pottery stool for someone throwing ceramics on the wheel. If possible, try out a couple of options so you can decide which is most comfortable. 

a desk with various craft materials on it

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Many people find that once they’ve assembled their creative space, they feel ready to work and create at a higher level. If you need to level up your professional space as well as your personal one, take a second to browse our tips for setting up a home office, too. 

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