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5 Creative Ways to Enhance Your TV Wall

Today’s flat screen TVs are designed to be shown off. They’re sleek, they’re modern and they look great mounted in a living room, media room or fan cave. But once you’ve got your shiny new TV mounted, you have to face the question of how to decorate around it.  

After all, you’ll likely spend a lot of time looking at this wall, so you want it to look good. Fortunately, there are plenty of awesome and creative ways that you can decorate your TV wall and create a space that reflects your individuality and your passions as a fan. Below, we’ll talk about five of our favorite ways to make a TV wall come alive with energy and purpose. 

large living room

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1. Get symmetrical.

One easy way to make a TV wall look awesome is to add symmetrical decorative elements around your TV. Using a symmetrical arrangement of items, such as vases or vinyl wall decals, is inherently pleasing to the human eye and makes your TV look even better. 

There are lots of great-looking ways to do symmetry. One idea to try is a pyramid structure with small decorative elements on the outside that gradually increase in size as they move inward, with your TV at the apex. In general, though, it’s hard to go wrong with a symmetrical decor scheme for your TV wall, so don’t be afraid to experiment! 

2. Take advantage of built-ins. 

If your home comes with built-in cabinets on the TV wall (lucky!), take advantage of the opportunity to show off other favorite pieces alongside the TV. Built-ins are the perfect place to show off your favorite photographs, knick-knacks, memorabilia or whatever else expresses the vibe of your home and your personality. 

You don’t even have to have built-ins to use this strategy. Adding a pair of bookcases flanking your TV can provide a similar effect, and as an added bonus, it will give you quick access to your favorite reading materials. 

3. Add an easy accent wall with peel and stick wallpaper. 

Turning your TV wall into an accent wall is a great way to add balance and composition to your media room or living room. An accent wall is simply a wall that features a different color or wallpaper pattern than other walls in the room, creating a pleasant contrast that gives the room depth and dynamism. 

With peel and stick wallpaper, creating an accent wall is absurdly easy. Fathead offers peel and stick wallpaper in popular home decor patterns like brick and stone, as well as sports team logos, cute cartoon patterns and other patterns that will provide an ideal contrast and counterpoint. 

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4. Use vinyl wall decals for damage-free decoration. 

With Fathead’s durable vinyl wall decals, it’s easy to fly your fan flag without damaging your walls. These bright and vivid decals are designed to show off what you love, and your jaw just might hit the floor when you see the variety that’s available. Star Wars wall decals that will make you feel the Force? Disney wall decals that bring the magic? Sports wall decals that are game day ready? We’ve got everything that fans of all kinds need to make their homes pop. 

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Wall decals are ideal for renters (or people who just want to preserve their walls) because they’re a breeze to remove and won’t damage your paint or wallpaper. Just be sure to apply and remove your decals correctly to protect the wall and the decal.  

5. Create a way to conceal your TV if you don’t want to draw attention to it. 

In some decor schemes, you won’t want the TV to be the centerpiece of the room, particularly if you frequently use the room for other things. If that’s the case, think about putting your TV in a wall-mounted entertainment center that you can close when the TV isn’t in use. 

Or, if you want cutting-edge, try a sliding door TV cover. These simple but awesome home decor elements use single or double panels that slide away to reveal your TV. And for a really cool look, try decorating the door covers—family photographs, art prints or custom wall decals with your favorite images can all be great choices. 

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When done right, your TV wall can be a home centerpiece you’ll be proud to call your own. For an eye-popping array of awesome stuff to adorn your TV wall, dive into Fathead’s full selection of vinyl wall decals, peel and stick wallpaper and more. 


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