How to have the spookiest house this Halloween with Fathead!

How to have the spookiest house this Halloween with Fathead!

Happy Haunting Fathead Nation!

Halloween season is approaching and this year we have to do it as Barney Stinson would say it LEGEN- (wait for it) -DARY!

Fathead is so excited for Halloween, we are the kind that pre-prepares and on our to-do list for today we are checking out 5 tips for your house-decoration that will get you all the admiration from your trick-treaters!

Make them freeze at the entrance 

Create the illusion that something absolutely terrifying is happening just outside your home. Maybe a criminal is looking right at you through a foggy mirror… Let your imagination take lead, Fathead will be there, waiting for you with our Instant Window Halloween Wall Decor to make your wish (or nightmare) come true.

A classic never goes out of style

Hard to keep up with the new trends? Who says you need to? What is Halloween without ghost hauntings, zombie apocalypse or even witchcraft?

 When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers ‘‘it’s near Halloween.’’

October 31st is the night when all witches go waltzing, we suggest it’s better to invite them to dance, at least Fathead will.

Don’t forget the interior, the spookiest things usually happen by surprise.

Start from the corners of the house. Those tend to be the ones where the mystical likes to hide. 

Cover your couches and chairs with white sheets. Pick the oldest sheets you have to make it look like your home hasn't been used for years. Extra points if the sheets have some natural-looking holes in them.

Purchase some peel&stick decals for your walls to complete the final touches and there you have it! 

Abracadabra: The cold air & the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.

Little things make big things happen

It’s the little details that are vital to your spooky home. The ones that are missed at a first glance, but are always there, waiting for their big moment.

Let’s imagine we’re building up a bloody scene, a mythical creature left behind the signs of his wrong-doing and ran somewhere in the house where he is not to be found. Apply a blood peel&stick decal to your stairs, leading to the next floor where the creature may be hiding.

Still in search of your demon? Try looking in darker places, maybe the vent?

Don’t forget to let the trick-treaters know they are welcomed! (At their own risk) 

Your house is spooky ready, it’s time to receive our brave guests! The trick-treaters are just around the corner, put up a welcoming sign for them, inviting them to knock on your door and take you into the true vibe of Halloween with their scary looks! Remember that it's as much fun to scare as to be scared!

Happy Haunting Fathead Nation!

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I have loved fathead since you all started back in 2006.

Ronald Jackson

Your picture shows this on a brick surface but when you click; it mentions that it needs a smooth surface. Can you really use this on a brick surface?


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