How To Make a Wall Mural

How To Make a Wall Mural

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Wall murals come in all different styles and sizes, and can be created in many different ways, too. Ultimately, they add a nice aesthetic touch to almost any room, and can be a lot of fun to create. 

Let’s walk through how you can create the ideal custom wall mural for your home. 

What Is a Wall Mural?  

Nowadays, a wall mural is generally a hybrid piece of decor somewhere between a hanging picture and wallpaper.  Like a hanging picture, a wall mural is not generally intended to take up the whole of a wall, but like wallpaper, they are stuck to the wall with an adhesive or drawn/painted directly on the wall, rather than hung with a screw or nail. 

Though even the earliest hieroglyphics can be considered wall murals, most murals in 2022 are made of vinyl and display an image that was rendered digitally.  

Can I Make a Wall Mural from a Picture

Yes, you can! 

Fathead makes the process of creating wall mural ideas extremely easy with our online custom wall mural options. Our process let’s you upload a picture and have us do the rest, but you can also create your own. 

Whichever path you choose, there are a few steps you should take first to make sure you get exactly what you’re hoping for with your wall mural wallpaper.  

5 Steps to Make Your Own Wall Mural

Here are 5 basic steps for preparing your home for a new wall mural. Even if you choose to draw or paint your own mural rather than have Fathead do the heavy lifting, these steps will help set you up for success. 

Choose a Location

You probably have an idea in mind already as to where you want to put a mural, but if you just know you want a mural somewherein your house, make sure to do this first, as some prep may be required.

Collect Materials

Prep should be very quick. The surface needs to be clean, and if it’s a wooden wall, some sanding may be in order too. Here’s what you should have ready to make your mural:

  • Paint - Are you transforming the whole room? A new base paint is worth considering before adding your mural, just remember to leave time for drying. 
  • Sandpaper - Wall murals that are stuck directly to the wall do not perform well on rough surfaces. If you’re planning to paint or draw your mural, it's up to you whether or not you want to deal with an uneven surface. 
  • Water and a Sponge - Vinyl wall murals like the ones at Fathead can lose adhesion when in contact with soap, so we just recommend cleaning the wall with water and a sponge. 
  • Level/Tape measure/Tape - Using a level and tape to make sure your design is centered and level is a must no matter the kind of mural you’re making or hanging. 

Create Your Design/Choose a Photo

Now that you have space and the materials, it’s time to finalize your design. If you decide to take the draw/paint route, we recommend drawing a small version (or using a photo of your design) to use as a reference. 

Bring Your Design to Life…

If you decide to take the DIY wall mural path, you’re ready to create. Take your time and be prepared for some on-the-fly adjustments. 

…Or Just Go to

For people who just want a larger version of their favorite photo blown up, Fathead’s custom options have you covered. 

Wall Mural Ideas

Do you know you want to spice up a room or fill up that empty wall with something but you’re just not sure what the something is? Here are a few wall mural ideas to spark your brain. 

  • Sports Teams - It’s no secret that we like sports at Fathead. Paying homage to your favorite team via a wall mural is always a great idea in our book.
  • Favorite Works of Art - Whether it be something your cousin made, or a classic Dali, existing art made into a wall mural is a safe way to know you’ll like the final product!
  • Accomplishment Photos - A mural of a graduation, wedding, or another life accomplishment can be a great accent to a room, no matter which one. 
  • Maps - Maps also make for classy and interactive murals. You can show off where you’ve been, where you're from, or where you want to go!
  • Favorite Landscapes - Having an ocean view living room is only one wall mural away, as is a frequent reminder of the mountain you got engaged on. 
  • Inspirational Quotes - “Inspirational quotes make for great wall murals.” ~ Anonymous

How Will You Make Your Wall Mural?

There are a lot of different wall mural options, and any and all of them can add a nice touch to your room. Whether you choose the DIY route or call in the pros at Fathead for your custom vinyl mural, take your time because wall murals are intended to be a lasting addition to your space. Happy hanging!

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