Wall Decal Ideas For a Boy's Nursery

Wall Decal Ideas For a Boy's Nursery

Have you had your gender reveal party? Congratulations! Now you can start decorating your nursery without giving it away. 

For some parents, finding out the sex of their child can be a pretty magical time. But for first-time parents, decorating their first nursery is often one of the last projects couples do together without a small human in the house. Vinyl wall decals are stress-free, baby-safe, decorations that are non-intrusive and easy to remove (or replace) when your wee one grows out of what’s been chosen for them to get their own interior decorating ideas and the nursery becomes a bedroom. 

In this article, we will focus on 7 ideas for a boy’s nursery, though any of them could fit into a gender-neutral nursery as well. 

7 Wall Decal Ideas for a Boy Nursery Theme

As you can’t know your baby’s opinions quite yet, we think it’s alright to let the nursery come to life with some wishful thinking from the parents bringing a human into the world. Here are some wall decal ideas to jumpstart your boy nursery brainstorm session. 


Exercise is good for kids, and sports add a level of social interaction to the exercise. A lot of parents probably wouldn’t mind their baby boy becoming the next Brady or Jordan, but start small. Vinyl sports decals are fun and easy, and might even stand the test of time if little league is in your little ones' future! Click here to check out some of our sports decals


It’s no secret that kids love superheroes, and it’s also no secret that superheroes are extremely popular right now. One of the best parts about being a parent is having an excuse to go see every single superhero movie that comes out, and some superhero decals in the nursery are a great way to subtly thank your kids or guide them into your interests.

Zoo Theme 

Animals are fun and educational, and there is a ton of animal-related boy nursery decor if you want to make it the whole nursery theme. Rocking horses and stuffed animals make pretty good companions too if your tot isn’t quite ready for pets!


Dinosaurs are like animals… but way cooler. By now every child from the 90s til now should have learned from the Jurassic Park franchise that keeping them as pets is probably not a good idea, but hanging them as nursery decor sure is! Check out our Jurassic World vinyl decals here

Growth Chart Decals

Fun and functional, growth charts for your nursery come in all shapes and sizes and can match whatever nursery theme you and your family choose for your new baby boy’s room. They also should “stand” the test of time, as long as kids continue to stay interested in how tall they are getting, but let’s be honest, this one is more for you than for them. 


Shapes are also educational, and a good pick for gender-neutral nurseries, if you’re decorating before having that gender reveal party all of the fellas can’t wait to come to.


A space-themed nursery also allows for a lot of different ideas to branch out. Centering around a few vinyl decals of the planets can transform your nursery into a place mom and dad might still want to hang out even when the baby is off with the grandparents. 

Are Wall Decals Dangerous  For Children?

Like any synthetic material, vinyl wall decals shouldn’t be consumed, and hanging anything out of a toddler’s reach is a good practice. However, if hung properly, wall decals aren’t something that a toddler is going to be able to rip down. 

Creating Custom Vinyl Wall Decals 

With Fathead, you can always create your own custom wall decal! If your baby develops some niche interest, or you want to make some of your own pictures or artwork into vinyl wall decals, Fathead offers a custom decal wizard. 

Boy Nursery Decor Must Haves

Outside of wall decals for your boy’s nursery, here are a few other things to compliment your boy nursery decor. 

Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are stress relievers that double as tools to help your baby go to sleep, a manual bassinet if you will. A nice rocker or glider is an addition you’ll thank yourself for time and time again. 

Shelves and Storage

Although keeping a nursery clean is close to impossible once your child discovers toys, shelves and storage are still good to set up before your baby boy moves into his new room. 

Baby Proofing With Style

Baby proofing those storage bins is more important than having them, but baby-proofing itself can add to the theme of your nursery. You obviously don’t want your latches and electrical safety measures to be attractive to kids, but they can still be chic!


Blackout curtains, much like rocking chairs, are a godsend when it comes to getting your newborn to sleep and helping them stay that way. Picking the perfect curtain can also tie together the colors in your room to match your awesome vinyl wall decals!

Time To Decorate Your Nursery!

Hopefully, this article helped you spark some ideas as you take on the task of decorating your nursery. Have fun and be sure to check out all of our Fathead decals, especially if you need a few more ideas!


What should be in a nursery room?

The necessities are a crib and a baby monitor, but after that you can get pretty creative! Some things like rocking horses are both fun and fun to look at. 

How do I decorate my baby’s nursery?

Use your imagination! Start by thinking of a good theme. This article has a lot of good ideas to spark your innovation. 

What is a Fathead Vinyl Wall Decal?

A Fathead wall decal as a piece of decor that is quick and easy to apply and adds a nice touch to any empty wall in your house. 

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