7 Cool Wall Decals for Kids

7 Cool Wall Decals for Kids

Wall Decals for Kids

Is your kid at the age where they’re starting to show real interest in specific things? If so, it might be time to decorate with those interests in mind, as a youngster’s space should be a source of inspiration, creativity, and positive reinforcement to expand their mind and keep them happy. 

Wall decals for your kid’s room are a quick and easy way to decorate their space with practically endless options to fit their personality and not ruin your walls.

7 Wall Decal Ideas for Your Kids’ Room

Here is a look at 7 of our favorite ideas for hanging wall decals in your kid’s bedroom.  


According to anyone who has turned on a television in the last 2 decades, superheroes are pretty popular. In addition to being fun and colorful, superheroes also encourage youngsters to aim high and do good for people. Check out our Marvel line of Fatheads here. 

TV Show and Disney Movie Decals

In addition to superheroes, TV and movie characters are also beloved by kids all across the globe, and plenty of them make for great wall decals. 

Zoo and Animals

Animal wall decals are not only fun for kids, but they can really help with learning, too. Using visual reinforcement to help your child learn the names of all the members of the animal kingdom is a lot easier when they are fixtures on their walls all over their bedroom. 

Dinosaur Wall Decals

Dinosaurs are so much fun (to look at photos and decals of, anyway). Much like animals, when used as wall decals, dinosaurs offer a learning opportunity for kids and Fathead has a lot of dinosaur wall decals


It’s no secret we like sports here, but if your kid does too, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better opportunity to push them towards cheering for your favorite teams than by decorating their room with some of your favorite sports vinyl decals!

Nature Wall Decals

Animals and even dinosaurs are parts of nature, but creating a full wall mural of nature can turn your child’s room into a pretty magical place that you might even want to go hang out in when they’re with grandma. 

Stars and Planets

Continuing with the educational vibe, vinyl stickers of stars and planets can hold the attention of your youngsters night after night. If you happen to be knowledgeable on astrology, arranging them to mirror real constellations is a great addition to your child’s wall or ceiling. 

What Is a Vinyl Wall Decal?

Vinyl wall decals are decorations for any room in your home that don’t require any sort of construction or alteration to your walls. They hang on pretty much any smooth surface, and are quick and easy to apply!

Are Vinyl Decals Safe for Kids?

Vinyl is a synthetic material and should not be consumed by people. With that in mind, Fathead vinyl decals are easy enough to remove, but still require some tools and a good amount of focus and effort to do so, making them safe to have in your kid’s rooms. If you have any misgivings, simply hang them high enough to be out of reach, these decals are made to last and stay in place!

How Do I Hang Wall Vinyl Decals With My Kids?

The process of hanging your Fathead can be pretty fun, and if your kids are old enough to help, the squeegee process to remove bubbles is as fun as it is functional for the appearance of your final decoration. 

Can I Get Custom Vinyl Wall Decals for My Kids?

With Fathead, you can always create your own custom wall decal! If you have an extremely intellectual toddler who is more interested in philosophers than comic book heroes or Disney princesses, you can get a picture of their favorite philosopher blown up and hung in the nursery using Fathead’s custom vinyl creator. Everything and anyone your kid may like from Batman to Socrates can also be turned into a custom vinyl!

Hangin’ with the Kids Tonight

Once you come up with the direction you and your kids want to take with decorating their room, walls can (and probably should) be one of the first things you decorate. Painting with youngsters can be quite messy, but hanging up a nice new vinyl decal is non-intrusive and quite a breeze! 

Check out all our Fatheads for kids ideas here. 


Do wall decals ruin walls?

Fathead vinyl wall decals leave no trace when applied and removed as recommended. They are intended for a single use, though, so don’t plan on moving them a bunch!

What is the best material for wall decals?

Vinyl is the best by most standards. It’s synthetic, easy to stick, and non-intrusive to the walls (great for apartments you’re not allowed to paint). 

Are wall decals removable?

Removable? Yes. Reusable? Rarely. Hang cautiously!

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