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5 College Dorm Decor Ideas

woman decorating new home

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For many people, college is the first time you really get to explore your unique style in your own space. The problem: You rarely get much space to do it in, and you might have a tight budget to work with. Plus, anything that would put permanent holes in the walls is a no-go. The limits are real, but so are the opportunities. 

How can you find the perfect style for your dorm when working with limited space and limited ability to change things? If you know a few tricks, it’s actually easier than it might seem. Here are a few college dorm decor ideas that will help you put together your space in a way that channels your unique style and makes your little corner of the world more comfortable. 

1. Peel and Stick Wall Decals

So, you want easy, fun and wall-safe all in one package? Peel and stick wall decals are where it’s at. Let’s talk about why. Number one, Fathead has almost anything you could want as a wall decal. College sports stars, new and old? Star Wars characters? Marvel characters? Disney princesses? We’ve got them all, and they’re all done up in precision-cut vinyl and vivid inks that will blow your mind with their quality and vibe. 

On top of that, applying a Fathead decal is insanely easy and takes just a few minutes. And when it comes to practicality, nothing beats our wall-safe decals that can be removed without any damage to the wall and even reused after. There’s just no other decoration that gives fans the same level of awesome for decorating their dorm room. 

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2. Framed Posters and Prints

One way to instantly make your dorm decor a little more sleek and mature is to frame wall decorations like posters and prints. Everyone else whose prints are unframed will wonder what it is about your room that just looks better, and you can tell them it’s the frames. (Or don’t, if you like keeping your secrets.) 

Most craft stores have basic frames available for just a few dollars, and it doesn’t take a fancy frame to make something look good. And holding up a framed print doesn’t require any nails in the walls. Just grab a few stick-on hooks rated for the weight of the frame and your art should stay firmly in place. 

3. School Spirit

For a lot of college students, embracing school spirit is a fun way to become part of the campus community and an important part of the college experience. So why not use some college dorm decor ideas that show off your school spirit?


Fathead’s got what you need to rep your campus colors. First, we offer our vinyl college sports wall decals with high-quality renderings of your school’s logo, star players or even your stadium. And if you really want to go to the next level for your team, check out our sports peel and stick wallpaper with team logo designs. We can pretty much guarantee you’ll be the only person in your dorm with their own wallpaper! 

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4. Study Space

You can also put your dorm room’s walls to use for organizing important dates, information and notes. Using versatile tools like dry-erase wall decals, it’s easy to create a useful system that helps you keep track of your many responsibilities as a college student. 

A whiteboard wall decal is a perfect place to jot down an outline for a paper or create a quick to-do list. A dry-erase calendar wall decal, meanwhile, is great for getting your week or month laid out in an organized format that helps you plan ahead. Pick what you think will be most helpful for your study habits. 

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5. Favorite Photos

You’ve probably got some treasured photos of family and friends that remind you of great times with your favorite people. If your favorite pics are mostly on social media apps like Instagram, think about using one of the many photo printing services available to get some physical copies that you can use to decorate. 

Once you’ve got some photos, there are tons of fun things to do with them. One of the easiest is to make a photo chain using alligator clips and a length of string or fairy lights. If you like to go a little more traditional, grab some nice frames and set your photos up on your desk. On the other hand, if you want to bring your photos to life bigger and better, how about a custom wall decal from Fathead featuring one of your favorite moments? 


These college dorm decor ideas are just a couple of good ones to get you started. College has a lot to offer – and so does Fathead, so make sure to check out our full selection of college decals and more. 

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