Companionship: A Feeling of Fellowship or Friendship.

Companionship: A Feeling of Fellowship or Friendship.

Companionship: A Feeling of Fellowship or Friendship. 

To all of our Pet Lovers, 

You may feel or see companionship in different shapes and sizes. Pets are more than ‘animals’. They're our friends, family, peace, motivation, etc. In addition, with the number of health benefits of having a pet, they are contributors to our lives. It's only right we define them in that manner.

Fun facts! Pets can help with: 

  1. Sleep 
  2. Structure to your day 
  3. Unconditional love 
  4. Loneliness 

The way pets commit to our everyday lives, we wanted to make an effort to thank both owners and pets for making the world a better place. 


In our attempt to give-thanks we've thought of items that may contribute to the facts listed above ^^^


Sleep - Custom Dog Bed

Companions help improve the quality of our sleep. We all know sleep plays a major factor in our lives. For humans to function at their best we need a total of 8 hours of sleep. Dogs spend the majority of their day sleeping, 50% to be exact. With shelter and sleep at such a high necessity for the both of us, we had to be sure to have an option of laying their heads on something other than the floor. Custom dog beds are a token of our appreciation. A warm and comfy place to rest their heads. 


Unconditional love - Vinyl Mural 


Giving your pet an endless amount of love creates an unbreakable bond. Once this bond is established your pet will naturally reciprocate the love, improving your overall mood. Like wearing your heart on your sleeve, our pet murals can be a way to show gratitude. The best picture of your furry (or scaly) friend can be something appealing for your home! Made of high-quality materials, you'll find these custom pet murals to be durable and colorful creating a fun aesthetic for any room.
Structure to Our Day - Custom towel 

Having a well-structured day is a healthy habit! Pets get us outside, active, and social. With all the fun adventures they take us on we must precondition ourselves to keep them bathed. Our custom-made towels are the most effective when having to dry them off. Plus, the cutest ones are when your pet is twinning!
Loneliness - Fleece Blankets

With temperatures dropping we begin to isolate ourselves in the comfort of our homes. Don't feel bad because it's completely understandable! Cuddling on the couch can turn into the most adorable display of affection with our custom fleece blankets. Blankets can be created with images of you and your pet or just your pet! Whichever you prefer! Soft plush materials will make snuggles that much cozier, keeping you and your companion warm and comfy this time of year.
There you have it, friends! Fathead is all about creating an unbreakable bond between you and your family. Even if that only includes a pet or two. Only your imagination will limit the use of all things pets! Be sure to check out all of our ways you can show off your furry or scally companions! When doing so, snap a few photos, post, and share with tagging #Fathead. By now, you know how much we love to see members of our Fathead family.  


Over and out.
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