It's Fathead Holiday Season!

It's Fathead Holiday Season!

Fa LaLaLaLa, La La La La! The holiday season is approaching and fast! Christmas countdowns, gift-giving, family gatherings, and decorative competitions have begun! Don't be stuck watching your neighbors decorate their yards and confused about where to start on yours. Believe it or not, we have more than enough holiday spirit to go around. Let us share and help create the most appealing home inside and out.

Decorate your Christmas with joy! 

Life-Size foam cutouts 
The best part about Christmas is sharing moments. Don't miss the opportunity of capturing one. Life-Size foam cutouts can be a memorable way of bringing out that Christmas spirit! Rock, paper, scissors, who will be ‘Santa’, and who will be Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Photographs keep our memories safe! Our life-size cutouts are here to help.

Garage Door Banner

Remember, you don't always have to be the brightest house on the block to get noticed. We're creators of making statements easy! Our garage door banners make decorating quick and accessible! Banners only take 10 minutes to install, and your garage door will open and close normally. Who knows Santa might need a place to hide his sleigh!

Dry-Erase wishlist

Children create a never-ending wish list year-round. We all know it's only shouted, not written. Our Dry-Erase wish list can help with that. Not only for children but adults too. Santa doesn't single out anyone! We all deserve gifts. Be sure you aren't on his naughty list. 

Mini Bigheads
Like we discussed earlier, family gatherings and gift-giving! Please don't say you thought we'd be leaving you hanging in other categories! Our mini bigheads are a fantastic way of combining both holiday and ‘celebration’. Create a custom mini and show us how creative you can be! Maybe a cupcake topper, table decoration, or even an ornament? Snap a photo and comment “#fathead” on all social media platforms. We'd love to check them out. (: 

Christmas Tree Decal 
Decorating the Christmas tree will repeatedly be the most meaningful family experience during the holidays. Unfortunately, finding the perfect tree is not always the easiest. We are here to tell you, "Please stop worrying because we have you covered!" Our Christmas tree decals can be a fun alternative! We've even gone the extra mile and picked out both ornaments and tree toppers! All you have to do is grab the family and get to decorating. Santa will be excited to see how your family tree is this year. 
Now, now, now, we understand how quickly we've presented a few of our holiday items. Your mind must be all over the place, take some time to soak it all in, and go check out our most desirable Christmas products. The pages are endless!

from us to you, 

XX Happy Holidays. 
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