How to Show Off Your Fathead Minis

How to Show Off Your Fathead Minis

The new Fathead Minis are here, and they’re perfect for just about everything. Here are some of our favorite ways to show them off.

1. Personalize Your Water Bottle

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated (especially in the summer heat), and that means a water bottle is essential. But with everyone carrying similar water bottles around, mix-ups are bound to happen. One of the best ways to inject some individuality into your hydration methods is to cover them in designs that matter to you. Not only will you never lose your water bottle, you’ll be reminded of a few of the things you love most every time you look at it.

lunchbox minis sticker decoration kid's lunchbox

2. Decorate Your Kid's Lunchbox

The country is opening back up (finally!), and your kids will soon be back in school. That means packed lunches are back and lunchboxes with them. Whether you decorate the outside of a hard-cover box or the tupperware that you pack inside, you’re sure to put a smile on your little one’s face every single day.

3. Add to Your Laptop Collection

One of the best experiences is seeing a design of something you love on a stranger’s laptop in a library or cafe. With Fathead Minis, you can be that mysterious and interesting stranger. Overlap them, space them out in a pattern, or stick them on at random. Whatever you choose to do, you can make your laptop reflect who you are or who you want to be with Fathead Minis.

washington nationals baseball mlb decal wall decor wall decal

4. Cover Up Imperfections

Good decor kills two birds with one stone. With Fathead Minis, you can do just that. Use your favorite Minis to add small splashes of what you love to your space and simultaneously cover up uneven paint and scratches.

There are infinite ways to use Fathead Minis, which means you can make everything your own. Try them out and tag us @fathead on all platforms!

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