15 Mudroom Decor Ideas for a Functional Entryway

15 Mudroom Decor Ideas for a Functional Entryway

15 Mudroom Decor Ideas for a Functional Entryway

It’s not too often that someone sings the praises of the mudroom, but let’s take a minute to appreciate just how useful these little entryway areas can be. They help us organize our departures and arrivals, and they keep wet, dirty clothes and shoes out of your home’s living areas.

However, for a place that’s supposed to simplify your life, mudrooms can also get cluttered and hectic. They tend to accumulate signs of chaos — a backpack tossed down here, a sock there, a hat where it shouldn’t be. And that’s to say nothing of the actual mud, water and who-knows-what-else that gets tracked in. 

You don’t have to surrender the mudroom to disorder, though. Whether you’ve got a full mudroom or a space by the door, check out these 15 mudroom decor ideas from the home decor pros at Fathead. We’ll help you tame your mudroom and create an attractive entry space at the same time. 

1. Shoe Rack/Shoe Tray

A shoe rack or tray is one of the core elements of a functional mudroom. If you don’t have one yet, you’ll be impressed with how much it simplifies things in your entryway space. Shoe racks corral shoes into a manageable space where you won’t have to worry about tripping over them, and they also prevent wayward shoes from getting lost. 

People with larger families, or a lot of shoes, will want to go for a two-tier, three-tier or larger shoe rack. Grab a shoe mat, too, and place it under the rack. Note that since most mudroom areas aren’t huge, and the shoe rack will probably be among the largest items in the room, you’ll need to measure the space and the rack carefully to ensure that it fits and doesn’t make the room awkward to move in.

2. Bench

Adding a bench to your mudroom will make it much easier for folks to take their shoes on and off when entering and leaving. A bench also provides an excellent centerpiece for your room, and mudroom benches are available in many different frame and upholstery styles to help tie your decor theme together. 

Like shoe racks, benches take up a lot of space, so choose the size carefully. The cushion should be comfortable, but relatively firm. To make full use of the bench’s potential as a centerpiece, try installing some shelving above the bench, or hang a favorite painting there. Of course, if you don’t have room for a bench, a single well-chosen chair can do the job just as well. 

home sweet home doormat

3. Indoor Doormat

Indoor doormats, or mudroom rugs, are awesome in mudrooms for two reasons: One, they immediately make your home seem welcoming and put-together. Two, when made with the right design and materials, they do an excellent job of keeping your mudroom clean and hiding dirt. 

The best indoor doormats split the difference between a traditional doormat and a traditional rug. Look for rubber non-slip backing to keep the doormat in place and a sturdy material like polyester fiber. The ideal surface is a mixture of textured and absorbent, allowing it to scrape dirt and water off shoe soles and absorb the mess. 

4. Mirror

Want to make sure you look your best before heading out the door? A mirror in the mudroom will help you do it, and it’ll make your mudroom look great in the process. Mirrors are known for their ability to create the illusion of a larger space, which makes them one of the best mudroom decor ideas for giving your mudroom a spacious and comfortable atmosphere. 

Which kind of mirror do you need for your mudroom? It depends on your needs. Many people choose a simple face mirror to save space, while others want a full-length mirror, especially if they don’t have room to hang one somewhere else. Just don’t put your mirror directly across from the door if possible. The effect can be disconcerting for someone walking in. 

5. Dry Erase Board

Your mudroom can help you organize your mental space in addition to your physical, and adding a dry erase whiteboard decal is the perfect way to do it. The versatile nature of a whiteboard means you can write a reminder to pick up canned tomatoes as easily as you can write one to prevent yourself from leaving the passports on the kitchen counter the morning you’re supposed to fly to Cozumel. 

dry erase board

Whiteboard wall stickers and dry erase calendar wall stickers are among Fathead’s most popular choices for mudrooms. Installation is easy, and they can be removed at your convenience without any damage to the wall. Install a small basket for markers next to your whiteboard decal to make sure you’ve always got something with which to jot down an important reminder. 

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6. Pleasant Lighting

Your mudroom probably has a light, but does it actually set the tone you want for your home? Turn on your mudroom light and consider how it presents your home upon entry, both with and without natural light. Could it be improved by something more tailored? 

Start with a utilitarian overhead light and work your way out. If you’ve got a little wall space to spare, a wall sconce or two can be an excellent piece of functional wall decor and an ambience-setter simultaneously. A mudroom is also a good place to incorporate task lighting, such as a small interior light for that drawer of hats and scarves under your bench. 

7. Shelves

Shelves are so versatile, both in function and in form! They can serve any number of purposes in the mudroom, from storing decorative knick-knacks to giving people a place to organize their belongings on the way in and out. Larger shelves might store extra pairs of shoes, winter gear or other seasonal clothing necessities. 

Floating shelves are an excellent choice for space conservation in smaller mudroom areas. For a classic mudroom look, try a set of floating cubbyhole shelves. You’ll be astounded at how much use they get — and if you’re working with limited space, they can double as normal shelves to meet your everyday storage needs. 

key hook on wall

8. Key Hooks

There are few things more frustrating than having your perfectly-timed morning disrupted by a lost set of keys. A set of small hooks mounted by the door in your mudroom can help. They’re perfect for storing keys, key fobs, garage door openers or just about anything else that’s small, easy to lose and can be put on a keyring. 

Once you’ve established the habit of putting the keys or garage door opener on the hooks by the door, it will become a natural part of your routine. For the most polished mudroom look, try one of the many key hook plates available online. Some even include a tiny tray shelf for temporarily storing things like your phone and keys. Just don’t forget you put them there! 

lighted signs

9. Signs

Since floor space is at a premium in most mudrooms, many choose to decorate on their mudrooms’ walls. Signs are one great way to do that! Street signs can give your entryway just the right mojo, and Fathead offers cool signs you’ll love like NBA metal street signs and NHL metal street signs for repping your teams. 

Or, if you’re looking for a sign that brings some serious personality, incorporate a lighted sign into your mudroom decor. These bright LED signs will show your love for your favorite college sports team or bring the energy of Marvel superheroes into your entryway. Every sign in our collection gives you a different way to show you’re a fan! 

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10. Clock 

Yes, there’s a clock on your phone, and maybe on your wrist, but honestly, who has time for those? All kidding aside, a clock in your mudroom can be an exceptionally convenient way to keep an eye on the time and add a dignified decoration to your home all at once. You’ll always be able to glance up during your moments of transition, helping you to keep your day and your schedule on track. 

sport clocks

Plus, you’ll have your pick of different clock styles, from beautiful vintage clocks to sleek modern models. And if the most important clock to you is the game clock, check out Fathead’s selection of clocks for sports lovers, like our Wisconsin Badgers clock and our OSU Buckeyes clock

11. Wall Decals

Need some bold and vibrant mudroom decor ideas? Fathead’s vinyl wall decals will make an excellent addition to your walls. These crisp die-cut decals come with all kinds of designs, from star athletes to Star Wars, and each one is designed with a dynamic pose that gives your wall a big dose of energy and vibe. 

What about custom wall decals of your family or even your pet? Fathead offers those, too, through our custom decal service! Choose your favorite photos and have them made into an HD wall mural printed on durable, high quality vinyl. Best of all, every Fathead decal is designed for easy application and removal, so forget about icky wall gunk and damaged paint. 

12. Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper is another stunningly easy mudroom decor idea. While traditional paste-on wallpaper is probably more effort than most people will want to spend on decorating the mudroom, peel and stick wallpaper couldn’t be more different. It takes just a few minutes to apply a section, making it a perfect choice for an accent wall or for the whole room. 

peel and stick wallpaper

Fathead’s peel and stick wallpaper is also available with tons of cool designs, all in brilliant colors and HD printing. Our sports team logo wallpaper lets you rep your favorite college and professional teams, and our patterned wallpaper includes trendy designs and appealing colors. We’ve even got brick and stone patterns that will give your mudroom wall an instant touch of class and distinction. 

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13. Pet Area

More than ever, people consider pets to be part of the family. So, where to put all those leashes, food containers, waste bags, toys and other must-have pet accessories? That’s right, the mudroom, of course! Often, a mudroom is just out of the way enough to keep pet supplies from taking over the rest of the house, but close enough to keep them accessible when needed. 

Naturally, decorating your pet area is half the fun. Put up some favorite pictures of your pets, or maybe a plaque with a saying that sums up how your pets enrich your life. Consider it your ideal opportunity to express yourself and what those adorable fur babies mean to you! 

14. Umbrella Stand

A mudroom is the perfect place for storing umbrellas, so grab an umbrella stand for your mudroom if you use your umbrellas a lot. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but a well-made umbrella stand can definitely add an appealing and tasteful touch to your home’s entryway. 

Make sure to consider the types of umbrellas you’ll need to store in the stand. If you’re an aficionado of the giant umbrella, a large and stronger umbrella stand is probably in order. Meanwhile, smaller umbrellas can potentially hang from key hooks if they have a handle strap. 

15. Cleaning Supplies Caddy

We all know that keeping a mudroom clean can be a challenge. After all, it’s designed to catch all of the dirt you don’t want in the rest of your home. It’s perfectly possible to keep your mudroom clean, though. You just have to make it easy on yourself! 

The secret is to keep a caddy of cleaning supplies in or near the mudroom. A basic set will do it for everyday cleaning, so get a sponge, some all-purpose cleaner, some bleach wipes and a broom. Add whatever supplies are specific to your needs, like a pet mess cleaner for a home with dogs or cats. Now you’ve made it a snap to do a daily or weekly mudroom cleaning that will help keep your mudroom more manageable. 

whiteboard dry erase marker message

Fathead loves empowering our fans to customize their spaces and their lifestyles. Looking for more ideas for bringing rooms to life in unexpected ways? Peep into our top 10 basement decorating tips, or take a trip through our favorite multipurpose room ideas for some flexible design inspirations.  


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