5 Nursery Wall Ideas That Are Creative and Functional

5 Nursery Wall Ideas That Are Creative and Functional

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A child’s nursery room is a place of joy. It’s a place to appreciate new beginnings and the beauty of life. The fact is, though, that it’s also a place that parents need to design with both creativity and functionality in mind. 

When you’re rocking a baby to sleep at 3 a.m. or changing a diaper, you’ll also want a nursery that offers practical features. And you definitely want to avoid impractical decorations that could damage walls or become more hassle than they’re worth. 

Thus, it’s a great idea to make your nursery into a place that brings beauty and functionality together. And there are lots of excellent ways to do that, from peel and stick wallpaper to wall sconces and beyond. Below, we’ll talk about five nursery wall ideas that are as simple as they are elegant. 

1. Add Some Library Shelves

Books are an important element of a nursery. Child development experts recommend reading to children at all stages of development, so get some age-appropriate picture books and place them on nursery shelves where they’re easy to pick out for a bedtime story. Floating shelves provide a classy but fun look, while taller free-standing shelves are good if you want something more stately.

Don’t overlook the value of keeping some grown-up books in the nursery, too. When you’re rocking your kid to sleep late at night, you might appreciate having something interesting to pick up and read. Essays or short story collections are great for this purpose since they require less time and investment. 

2. Decorate with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Nursery wallpaper is a lovely thing, but the time and skill required to apply traditional wallpaper isn’t much fun. Instead, peel and stick wallpaper can be an excellent choice for parents who want the look of nursery wallpaper without the hassle. 

Fathead’s peel and stick nursery wallpaper is made from durable vinyl and goes on in a fraction of the time required for normal wallpaper. Plus, it’s designed with fun decorative patterns, perfect for early childhood. Parents will love the cute look these patterns provide, and young children will appreciate their soft, comforting colors and cartoon images. 

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3. Create Gentle Lighting with Wall Sconces

Nursery lighting is another element where it’s important to balance style and practicality, and wall sconces are a nursery wall idea that offers the best of both worlds. Many of these wall-mounted light fixtures offer a gentle, subdued light that’s ideal for a baby’s sensitive eyes and won’t be too bright late at night. 

Nursery wall sconces come in many different cute and fun designs. Some are animal-themed, while others use stars, moons or clouds. Still, others use simple but appealing geometric shapes and soft colors. With so many options available, you’ll likely be able to find something that fits your nursery’s decor scheme. 

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4. Custom Decorate with Vinyl Wall Decals

    Peel and stick vinyl wall decals from Fathead are another awesome, low-hassle nursery wall idea. The concept is simple: big, bold images of familiar characters and elegant designs printed on heavy-duty vinyl, constructed for great performance with a wall-safe adhesive that’s both easy to apply and easy to remove without damaging your wall. 

    Parents of young kids especially love our selection of nursery decals. We have tons of cute animal designs, some of which even include a built-in wall growth chart! For more cool designs that will create a beautiful nursery for your little one, see our collections of Disney wall decals and Sesame Street wall decals

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    5. Make a Kid-Friendly Gallery Walls

    A gallery wall is a collection of small to medium-sized pictures hung together on a wall. Gallery walls are a popular decorating solution because it’s easy to make them look good, and it just so happens that they’re also awesome for developing brains. 

    How so? Try hanging a gallery wall of simple images like animals, shapes or colors. Any time you’re in the nursery, point out and name the images to your child. (Changing a diaper is a perfect opportunity.) Even if the child is too young to understand fully, you’re doing the important work of building brain associations and developing the capacity to identify sounds and images. 

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    Fathead is proud to give parents everything they need to make their kids’ rooms just plain awesome. If you have an older kid, make sure to check out our tips for decorating a kid’s room. And don’t forget to explore Fathead’s full selection of kids’ wall decor, available in our kids’ collection.

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