6 Baseball Decoration Ideas for Your Fan Room

6 Baseball Decoration Ideas for Your Fan Room

You never know what you might find in a baseball fanatic’s fan room. It might be anything from a Cubs decal on the wall to a signed Albert Pujols jersey hanging next to the TV—but however it’s done, diamond heads have never been shy about displaying their passion. 

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If you love the game and want to make it part of your home, we’ve got some great ideas to talk about. These six baseball decoration ideas will make your fan room a stunning part of your home that always feels ready to come alive with the energy of opening day—or of Game 7. 

1. Customize with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Fans hunting for a baseball decoration with maximum impact and minimum fuss should check out the many awesome peel and stick wallpaper options available. Fathead’s easy peel and stick MLB wallpapers feature officially licensed MLB logos and crisp, vibrant team colors. 

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You won’t believe how easy it is to apply our peel and stick wallpaper. Many people find it possible to do a whole room in an hour or less, and for those just creating a single accent wall, it can take mere minutes. That means more time to watch the game! 

2. Bring the Stadium to You with a Stadium Mural

For many baseball fans, the thrill of a place like Camden Yards or Wrigley Field is one of the best things about the season. So, if you’re itching to bring some of that high-spirited energy into your home, a stadium mural could be exactly the way to do it. 

And if you tear up a little bit when you see a Fathead stadium mural of your favorite ballpark in brilliant HD, we won’t blame you. We’ve designed these murals to capture everything you love about game day! And while we’re still working on the smell of hot dogs and the breeze in your hair, the ultra-sharp images and thick vinyl of our baseball stadium murals are definitely the next best thing. 

3. Hang Out with MLB Player Decals

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Our favorite players can mean so much to us. So what better way to celebrate them than with, oh, we don’t know, a life-sized replica image of them for your wall? That’s right—from Aaron Judge to Mike Trout, they can all live in your home. (Whether you make them pay rent is up to you.) 

But you don’t want to pay for some cheap, low-fi decal that doesn’t capture the essence of the players you know and love, or something with a poor quality adhesive that could damage your wall. Instead, explore Fathead’s options for life-sized MLB player decals to ensure that you get a sharp HD image and a wall-safe adhesive. (And for another distinctive way to appreciate your favorite players, check out our big head MLB cardboard cutouts.) 

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4. Add Some Baseball Stitch Patterns

The distinctive white and red design of a baseball would be a stylish look even if it wasn’t attached to one of the world’s greatest games—but it is, so even better, right? That’s why a baseball design looks amazing on just about anything, from a lampshade to a pillow to a coaster. 

You don’t need to overdo it with this baseball wall decor idea. One or two well-placed baseball stitch patterns will provide a perfect complement to the rest of your baseball fan room. Look for an area of your fan room where you could use a little more visual excitement and then check out the many baseball pattern decor options available. You’re almost guaranteed to find something awesome! 

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5. Create a Memorabilia Wall

    A championship poster, a signed jersey or ball, a collection of framed season tickets—these are the most treasured possessions in many baseball fans’ collections. And they deserve a striking spot in your home, so if you’ve got a good place for a centerpiece in your fan room, why not display the most important pieces in your memorabilia collection together?

    Make sure to get some good lighting for your fan wall. Versatile lighting methods like track lighting are excellent because they allow you to experiment with different light positions. If you’ve got one piece that’s more special to you than the rest, like a signed jersey, consider investing in a special lighted case. 

    6. Display Team Glassware 

    Many folks consider a good set of glassware to be a must-have for their fan area, and picking up some team glassware is an ideal way to show your support in a fun and functional way. You’ll find tons of glassware options available online for every team, from rocks glasses to pints to coffee mugs. 

    What’s more, many sites also give fans the option to personalize their team glassware, giving you another way to feel connected to your team. Just don’t forget to grab a set of team coasters to protect your furniture! 

    Baseball fans love Fathead because we offer the best selection of MLB decorations anywhere. Explore our full range of officially licensed baseball decor for all 30 MLB teams and get inspired to create baseball decoration ideas of your own.

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