GameStars: The Perfect Cross Between a Cutout and a Poster

GameStars: The Perfect Cross Between a Cutout and a Poster

If you’ve been looking for a new way to show off your fan spirit, look no further: Fathead GameStars are the perfect cross between a cutout and a poster. Here are just a few ideas of how to decorate with your favorite players.

Gallery Wall in a Hallway

You know that blank space on the wall in your hallway that you don’t know how to fill? If you’ve run out of pictures of your kids and their artwork, try putting together a gallery wall of GameStars. Not only will it transform the feel of your hallway, but everyone who walks down it will know which teams to support in your house.

Enhance Your WFH Background

While the pandemic is easing up a little bit, WFH seems as though it’s going to remain in our lives (at least partially). Why not spice up your home office background with a GameStar? Because of its cutout/poster hybrid nature, it’s just the right amount of fan spirit for a work call without being too much.

Elevate your Man-Cave 

A GameStar of your favorite player makes a great addition to your sports sanctuary or game room. It’s decoration without too much flash, and it will undoubtedly contribute to creating a fun atmosphere. One can make a nice accent, but you can also mix and match to combine multiple for a bigger statement piece.

Gift a GameStar

The best gift to receive is a thoughtful one, and gifting a GameStar tells a person you know what they love. Whether it be for your son, daughter, coworker, or father-in-law, a GameStar of their favorite player will surely be a gift they treasure and value.

You can’t go wrong with Fathead GameStars, no matter how you decide to use them. Their versatility makes them perfect for almost any space, and you can always easily remove them to place somewhere else that’s better without damaging your walls in the process.

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