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Home Office Wall Decor Ideas

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home quickly became the new normal for millions of people. But even after we finally send this virus packing, it looks like many people may continue to work from home indefinitely. That means that the makeshift home office you set up might need to get a whole lot less makeshift. 

Between selecting a new office chair and creating the perfect focus playlist, there’s something else you should really pay attention to: getting your home office’s walls in shape with some great home office wall decor ideas. When you put your walls to good use, they can make your workday a whole lot more enjoyable and productive. 

That might mean providing useful tools to boost your performance, or it might simply mean establishing a comfortable and focused atmosphere. In search of the perfect home office? These home office wall decor ideas from Fathead will help you complete your home workspace.

1. Dry Erase Wall Calendar

The calendar is one of the most basic tools of office work. While some folks live by their Google calendars, others find that an analog calendar still works best. If that’s you, check out Fathead’s dry erase calendar wall decals. We offer all different kinds, from single-week calendars to monthly or even four-month calendars that help you plan for projects ahead. 

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2. Custom Wall Decals

custom vinyl die cut

Adding some cute photos to your desk area is great, but you can also go one better with our custom wall decals. With Fathead’s custom vinyl creations, you can take your favorite photos or personal artwork and transfer them into awesome vinyl decals in a variety of sizes. You’ll get the same brilliant inks and hi-def printing that all of our vinyl decals come with, creating a lasting and vibrant piece of custom vinyl art. 

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3. Small Shelves

A series of small shelves above your desk is the perfect way to organize your essential work gear and documents. While larger shelves can work, small shelves are easy to add in a variety of configurations, depending on your office needs. Plus, shelves are super-versatile. You can add knick-knacks, small plants and family photos alongside the work stuff for the perfect blend of the personal and professional. 

4. Wall Whiteboard Decal

The office whiteboard is the perfect freeform tool for developing and organizing ideas, which makes it a favorite of everyone from creative professionals to managers breaking down organization structures. A Fathead wall whiteboard sticker is the home office worker’s preferred evolution of this office standby, engineered for easy, wall-safe application and the same great performance you’d get from a standard whiteboard. 

5. Analog Wall Clock

An old-school analog wall clock simultaneously scores points in class and functionality. For most people, it’s just as good as a digital clock for keeping track of time, but it adds a classic feel that a digital one just can’t match. And if you work with team members in multiple time zones, there’s nothing that looks quite as cool as adding multiple analog clocks to track the time around the world. Check out some of Fathead’s team logo wall clocks to step up to a new level of timekeeping. 

6. Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper is a no-muss, no-fuss solution for getting some serious color and character on your walls. Fathead offers dozens upon dozens of fun and funky peel and stick wallpaper designs that will create an instant vibe in your home office, from officially licensed sports team logos to classic designs like brick and stone. 

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7. Goal Tracking Chart

goal thermometer

Whether you’re working on your sales, growth, fundraising or something else, a goal tracking chart will help keep you in a constant mindset of excellence when you’re at work. These simple but effective dry-erase wall decals allow you to mark your progress on your most important business goals. For more complex statistical plotting, try one of our graph whiteboard vinyl decals. 

8. Video Conference Backdrop

Finally, a video conference backdrop is an easy and practical home office wall decor idea that might be required as part of the new world of video call etiquette. Fathead’s selection of video conference backdrops includes lots of fun designs that will make your office a livelier place, including many that are also perfect for kids. 

Check out Fathead’s full selection of whiteboard stickers and decals for more great home office wall decor ideas that will help boost your productivity and inspiration when working from home. If you’re in search of more home office decor ideas, take a few more minutes to check out our home office setup tips as well. 

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