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Make the Most of Your Space: 6 Multipurpose Room Ideas

There’s the traditional way, and then there’s your way. Sure, conventional wisdom says that a home has a separate room for every purpose. But we all know that life is more complicated than that, and sometimes — whether by necessity or just because you want something different — you’re going to want multipurpose room ideas for spaces in your home that fulfill more than one function.  

When it comes to these “Swiss Army knife” rooms, there are plenty of ways to do it that conserve space while creating a great place to live. Here are six awesome multipurpose room ideas that can look great in your home. 

drawn living room background

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1. Office/Guest Room

The home office/guest room combination is a classic multipurpose room idea that you’ll find in many homes. A floating desktop and a pair of filing cabinets, all on wheels, can form a simple and effective core for the home office. Add a whiteboard wall sticker or dry erase wall calendar decal that can be covered or uncovered as necessary. 

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The addition of a pull-out couch or small bed turns it into a guest room. When it’s time to work, have the desk and filing cabinets set up and the whiteboard wall sticker uncovered. When you’ve got company over, wheel the desk and cabinets away and cover the sticker with some well-chosen wall art — voila, you’re ready to host! 

2. Laundry/Mudroom

Combining your laundry room and mudroom is another popular choice. It’s a nice place to stash a washer and dryer where they won’t be in the way, and it can make washing more convenient if you have to wash a lot of outerwear or workwear. 

A washer and dryer cabinet is a great addition to a laundry room/mudroom for keeping your laundry appliances out of sight until you need them. Make sure you add the key features of a mudroom, such as hooks for hanging coats, a boot tray to contain tracked-in mud, pet supplies like treats and leashes and a bench for sitting on while removing your shoes. 

3. Library/Dining Room/Lounge

For a distinctive and refined look, you can’t beat the combination of library, lounge and dining room. Bookshelves give the room a distinguished air that many people find sets the perfect vibe for a candlelight dinner, plus a few nice armchairs and a coffee table for after-dinner cocktails.  

If you want to make sure you’ve always got a quiet reading space, nix the dining room table, and add a desk if you want to create a study-type area. For a vibe that’s a little more entertainment-focused, add a stereo system for enjoying your favorite tunes while you dine or socialize. 

4. Game Room/Media Room/Fan Cave

If your house has a basement or bonus room, this multipurpose room idea is for you! These rooms make a perfect choice for a mix of game room, media room and/or fan cave. Basements and bonus rooms are often large enough to accommodate several different spaces, which means that you don’t have to choose between the foosball table, the projector and the wet bar. 

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Your game/media/fan room is also the perfect space to express yourself through your decorations. Grab some sports peel and stick wallpaper with your team logo, or treat yourself to a life-sized vinyl decal of your favorite player to get the fan vibe going. 

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5. Music Room/Home Theater

One thing that musicians and home theater buffs have in common: They both love a room with great acoustics. So, if you’re doing acoustic conditioning on a room either for music or for a home theater setup, consider whether the room might be good for both music and media. 

Adding a projector and a vinyl projector screen wall decal can be a surprisingly easy way to turn almost any room into a basic home theater. Equip the room with plenty of surge protectors for A/V equipment, amplifiers and microphones. Just make sure you know who’s using it when so that the big game doesn’t end up being at the same time as your teenager’s band practice! 

6. Hobby Workspace/Home Gym

Many people with hobbies, particularly craft-based ones, need a space to set up their materials and tools. Meanwhile, setting up a home gym also requires at least a little space to accommodate large equipment like treadmills or weight sets. If you’ve got a space that you’re using for one, why not try out a design that incorporates elements of both?

This is another multipurpose room idea that’s great for a garage or basement, and it’s tons of fun to decorate. Add some custom wall decals if you need inspiration for your hobby projects, or put up some vinyl sports decals from your favorite teams to drive you to higher performance during your workout. 

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The versatility of Fathead’s decor makes it perfect for a whole range of multipurpose room ideas. For more home decor tips, be sure to see our guide to decorating your TV wall, or check out our tips for using wallpaper in your bathroom


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